Basil Fresh Breath Dental Treat


  • Keeps the dog’s teeth healthy and clean
  • Strengthens gums and jaws
  • Enriched with calcium and phosphorus
  • 100 percent digestible and safe
  • Effectively Clean Teeth: Reduce Plague & Prevent Tartar.
  • Flexible Dental Bone: Outer Soft Teeth Cleaning Particles.
  • Chew Make a Strong Teeth & Gums Ensure Good Overall Health Of The Dog.
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This is an innovative treat for pets and being flexible in nature lasts longer than the regular treats. The treat acts like a chewing gum and as the dog chews it, its flexible nature makes it move up and down with the jaw. The bristle like shape helps in cleaning the tarter and plaque accumulated in the teeth. Resulting in a clean and fresh smelling mouth which keeps tooth decay and other dental issues away. A win-win treats for pets and owners, pets are busy chewing them and enjoying the treat additionally the pet parents have a clean mouth licking them all over.


The dental fresh breath with outer soft teeth cleaning particles, two hollow ends more effectively get into teeth gap and it is 360 degree all-around teeth cleaning. Their unique refreshing ingredients could effectively remove the toxin and improve digestion from pet dog’s mouth. This product is effective in mouth odor and smelly shit for pet dogs. The care of teeth and gums is essential for the overall health of pet dog. The bone not only acts as a dental hygiene material but it satisfies the natural chewing urge of the dog.


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