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    15 products
    Accessories for your pet include anything from bow ties and bandanas to harnesses and collars. Personalized dog accessories give them an extra layer of delight that is hard to resist. You can choose between your pet's name on the accessory or a quote that describes your dog. It's a great way to let your pets wear their hearts on their sleeves.

    The bandanas can be printed with your pet's name or you can choose from a range of different messages. These include messages for special occasions like birthdays, Valentine's Day, Diwali, Christmas and so on.
    There are accessories for all breeds, sizes and ages, from personalized puppy bandanas to those for adult dogs (and a few even for cats)
    All of these custom dog accessories are designed with pets' specific needs in mind. They are made to be light and easy to slip on. It does not hinder your pet's natural movement in any way. The bow ties are removable and designed to be put on your pet's collar so they feel almost nothing.
    Collars, harnesses and leashes are essential for pets. An accessory that is equally necessary and a very important safety measure is a dog tag. Whether they live in the city or enjoy the countryside, it's always safer for your pet to have a dog tag with your contact details. To make life easier for pet parents, these products are designed to be long-lasting and highly durable. They are easy to maintain, so you don't have to take too long to keep them clean.

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