About Us

Goofy Tails is a premium pet supplies company. It started more than a decade ago as an information portal. This was, in fact, a project that arose from a health tragedy and a passion for animals that became a balm for the soul and the body. The portal www.petclubIndia.com was designed to provide assistance of any and every kind — animal-related. Catering to an undervalued subject at that time combined with the dot com boom, pet club soared into new heights very soon and became a disruptor in the pet industry.

Soon, the vision of one person turned into a family & friend’s business. Dynamics changed and the collaboration with a leading veterinarian gave the company credibility. It had it all — love and passion for animals, knowledge and credibility. In came newer ideas and the desire to fill the gaps in the pet industry in terms of products available for our fur babies. To fill this gap — emerged Goofy Tails. A company — the owners of which have a fierce understanding and love of animals. Goofy Tails is about providing high-quality durable toys and supplies and nutrition-rich pet food and treats.

When you buy a product from Goofy Tails, a certain amount of money from that purchase goes towards the vaccination of a street dog in India. The vision is to change the ecosystem for animals in India, where foster care and adoption of stray cats, dogs, and animals becomes a natural and common process because there are thousands of strays on the streets of India who need a loving and caring home. They have so much unconditional love to give and share, we just have to be able to see this love and accept it. Providing them with homes or as a first step — vaccinating them, makes it safe for the animal and humans so that we can both co-exist in peace and harmony.

If you need anything animal-related, call/email us at care@goofytails.com