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24 products

Dog Bowls and Feeders at Goofy Tails

As a pet owner, you should understand the importance of a dedicated feeding station. Simply put, along with cherishing the time you spend with your furry friend, ensure they're getting the best possible eating experience.

In the world of dog care essentials, Goofy Tails come with a wide variety of feeding accessories, ranging from dog feeders to bowls to lick and food mats. The collection is diverse and vast, making food preparation easy, as well as catering to various preferences and needs. A variety of materials can also be seen in this collection, including silicone, stainless steel, and ceramic, plastic across various sizes, shapes, and designs. From style to functionality, this collection goes beyond expectations.

Just like humans, our furry companions deserve adequate care in every element of their daily routine, including mealtime. Finding the right feeder and bowl for dogs is not just a matter of paying attention to physical health, but also crafting a good eating experience that encourages their satisfaction and happiness.

By being selective with dog bowls, you will have ample options and be able to stick to your budget. Since dogs have different needs, it is important to find the right dog bowl.

Elevated Dog Bowls

As its name suggests, these particular dog bowls provide an elevated feeding zone. This is especially ideal for those dogs with long ears, including the Basset Hound and Cocker Spaniel. In addition to promoting good body posture while eating, the raised design eliminates stress on the joints and neck and improves digestion.

Slant Dog Bowls

Goofy Tales has transformed boring mealtime practices by adding a modern touch to slanted dog bowls. With sloping sides, these ergonomic feeding bowls provide hassle-free access to food, eliminating neck strain. Combining stainless steel and melamine for a classy look, this dog bowl meets durability and functionality.

Food Mats and Lick Mats

These are extremely versatile and play a huge role in dog dining. With this, alleviate mealtime mess by controlling spills and falls and make cleanup easier. Our lick mats provide a textured surface, allowing your dog to enjoy the treat playfully.

Slow feeders

For those who tend to eat a lot of dogs like the Pug who swallows even faster, check out Goofy Tails slow feeders to stop them mid-bite. Thoughtfully designed to promote eating speed, our slow feeder collection takes over obstacles and maze patterns, helping dogs eat more mindfully. In addition to avoiding frequent overeating, eating slowly will prevent health problems in your dog, including vomiting and bloating.

Water Dispenser and Fountains

Keeping dogs hydrated is equally important as feeding them. Provide a consistent supply of filtered, fresh, containment water with our water fountains and dispenser collection.

Our collection of dog bowls and feeders makes mealtime implementation simpler. With a choice of single to double sections, owners are able to serve one or two different pets at once. From slow feeders for quick eaters to elevated feeders for large breed dogs and more, these feeding accessories will completely change the idea of ​​mealtime and ensure a satisfying feeding experience for your four-legged friend.

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