Bowls and Feeders - Cats

Bowls and Feeders - Cats

8 products

    8 products
    Goofy Tails Bone Shape Silicone Waterproof Pet Food Bowl Mat For Dogs (7168302579862)
    Goofy Tails Bone Shape Silicone Waterproof Pet Food Bowl Mat For Dogs (7168302579862)
    Bone Shape Silicone Waterproof Pet Food Bowl Mat For Dogs - Blue
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    cat feeder bowls (7168316801174)
    Goofy Tails Stainless Steel and Melamine Wooden Print Designer Food Bowl For Cats (7168316801174)
    Stainless Steel and Melamine Wooden Print Designer Food Bowl For Cats - Small
    from ₹570.00 Regular price ₹600.00 Save 5%
    cat water filters cartridges (7416600461462)
    dog water filters cartridges (7416600461462)
    Cat H2O Water Filter Replacement Refill Pack (3 Filters)
    Sale price ₹475.00 Regular price ₹500.00 Save 5%
    dogs tooth care (7416601739414)
    brushing dogs teeth (7416601739414)
    Cat H2O Replacement Tablets for Water Fountain Filter (8 Tablets)
    Sale price ₹855.00 Regular price ₹900.00 Save 5%
    cat pet pump (7416602525846)
    cat water fountain pump (7416602525846)
    Cat H2O Replacement Filter Pump, Black
    Sale price ₹1,425.00 Regular price ₹1,500.00 Save 5%

    Bowls and Feeders for Cats and Kittens

    Setting up a cat feeding station is easy with the right cat food bowls, water fountains, and cat food containers. Goofy offers everything you need to keep your cat or kitten happy, healthy, and full.

    Cat food bowls come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials depending on your needs. From plastic to stainless steel, puzzle feeders to automatic food dispensers and even standing water dishes to electronic water fountains. Find the option that best suits your cat's lifestyle.

    For independent eaters, we offer a range of automatic cat feeders to allow your cat to eat at their leisure. Although feeding habits may vary, all cats need plenty of fresh, clean water. Our selection of water fountains not only helps keep your cat hydrated but also prevents the growth of bacteria by constantly filtering the water. Provide easy access to food and water to support your cat's health and overall well-being.

    When it comes to feeding your feline friend, it's time to ditch the old cat bowls and use modern cat bowls and cat feeders from Goofy Tails. Pet parents will find everything from an on-the-go cat food dispenser to cat feeders that help regulate feeding times. Liven up your cat feeding with unique cat foods. These modern and imaginative designs are perfect for a modern pet-friendly home.

    Create a convenient cat feeding station with cat food and a water bowl. Goofy Tails carries several feeding stations with two bowls. These affordable and durable cat food bowls are non-slip thanks to a rubber ring on the bottom that prevents them from rolling around on the floor.

    It is important to get the right cat food bowls so that your pet can comfortably eat their food. Cats need wide, shallow bowls where their whiskers don't touch the sides. Excessive stimulation of the whiskers touching the sides of the bowl while eating can result in a condition called “whisker stress.” If your cat is only eating food from the center of the bowl but is still hungry, they are probably trying not to overstimulate their whiskers. Try switching to a better cat bowl and see if your pet finishes the meal.
    It's good practice to keep one bowl for food, one for water, and one or two extra. Some breeds like Persian cats have particularly flat faces and need special bowls to suit their needs. The food bowls that Persians use are slightly elevated and sit at an angle to allow cats to easily reach their food. Cat food bowls need to be cleaned regularly to ensure they do not accumulate bacteria that could lead to colic.

    Since cat food can be quite greasy, use mild soap and water to clean cat food bowls. It is good practice to clean the dishes after each meal, especially if you are serving wet food.

    Cats' hunting instincts are very strong and they hunt alone, so they don't like to eat too close to another cat. If you have more than one cat, place the bowls at the right distance so that they cannot see each other while eating. Cats also don't like to eat near their litter boxes. Another useful point to note is that cats like to have a good view of their space when they are eating, so it is wise to have the bowl on a slightly elevated surface. Choose a quiet place away from foot traffic so that your cat's meal is not disturbed.

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