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    10 products

    Wet Dog Food and Dog Food Gravy conventionally have preservatives and fillers. Goofy Tails Goofy Fresh Dog Food is a combination of human-grade ingredients. Preservative-free – our Goofy Fresh Food is packed in human-grade facilities. Top 5 star chefs have teamed up with India’s leading Vets and Nutritionists to come up with high palatability and high nutrition real food. These Low grain and Low Gluten Recipes are made to best suit all dogs. Some recipes are for sensitive guts as well.

    Age-appropriate nutrition, i.e. food appropriate for your dog's age, physical activity, and breed, is as important as any other aspect of your parenting journey. When choosing this age-appropriate nutrition, pet parents often find themselves caught between the difficult decision between dry or wet dog food. While both types of food, when fed from quality sources, help a dog achieve optimal growth and maintenance, certain factors compel pet parents to choose wet dog food over dry dog ​​food.

    The moisture content of wet dog food is 70-80%, while dry dog ​​food contains 5-10%. For dogs that don't drink enough water or exercise in the hot sun, moist food helps keep them hydrated, preventing dehydration and some urinary tract complications. This means that wet dog food is most often appreciated by picky pet parents for its palatability. They are often used as toppers for dry dog ​​food and/or to hide pills and supplements. As tempting as wet dog food is to both dogs and their people, wet dog food has a short shelf life and needs to be consumed within a certain number of days. In addition, they cannot be left out for a long time, otherwise, there is a risk of bacteria hiding in them.

    The best-wet dog food is available in a variety of flavors only at Goofy Tails in India. The best-wet dog food is one that satisfies every taste bud on your pup's tongue, right? Or is it one that helps you relax knowing your pup will lick his bowl clean? Goofy Tails Wet Dog Food comes in a variety of flavors - Chicken & Quinoa, Lamb & Pumpkin, Buff & Mixed Berries, Veggie & Sweet Potato, and Bone Broth in 3 flavors - Chicken, Lamb, and Seafood. This means there is wet food for every dog ​​and a dog for every wet food! Whether your dog is missing a tasty meal topper or needs some tasty food after surgery, the best-wet dog food is available at Goofy Tails online store and they'll always be drooling for more!

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