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    Cat Toys: Best toys for bored cats by Goofy Tails

    If you can't make it out of the pet store cute toys finding their way into your cart, you're our kind of pet parent. There is nothing cuter than watching your precious kitty roll around on the floor and wrestle with her favorite toy.

    Whether you hang with a feather toy, throw a cat mouse, or build a robot for your cat to chase, playing with your pet can strengthen your relationship. Regular play will also lead to better-behaved pets who may not be smashing furniture or climbing curtains to use up energy.

    Goofy Tails presents fun and interactive cat toys for your fur baby.

    1. Interactive Cat Toys Ball – These balls have three different sounds – animal chirps when touched – frogs, crickets, and birds. Thanks to the built-in batteries, each cat ball can last 10,000 chirping times. It comes with an extra pack of fresh catnip that could be a great addition to your cat's playtime fun. If you want, open the lid and add catnip, it's super enticing for your cat. Your cat will go crazy, become more active, and stay healthy.

     Interactive cat toys can be important because they help cats release some of their natural energy and help keep them agile. It's no secret that cats often like to play. When their hunting instincts kick in, it is common to see them stalking, bearing down, stalking, and pouncing on anything they set their sights on. Energetic cats often love the back-and-forth motion that interactive cat toys provide, and these toys can help shy pets come out of their shell. Some of the best cat toys often stimulate your cat's curiosity and help encourage enough activity to satisfy her needs. Moving targets can sometimes be a heightened interest for most cats, and toys that mimic natural movement are often very enjoyable for your playful pet. Check out the range of interactive balls at Goofy Tails.

    2. Wand Cat Toy with Catnip & Bell - This cat teasing stick has feathers and a bell attached to the toy to make it interesting. It is made from organic catnip, which makes it completely safe, and the smell of catnip is sure to attract your cat to play. It's the perfect boredom buster and the bell attached to the toy will drive your cat crazy, stimulate physical play, and create a great bond between your cat and you. We have 3 very cute options to choose from - elephant, beaver, and crocodile wands.

    3. Catnip Toys – The appeal of catnip toys to cats lies in the chemical contained in the plant oil found in its leaves, stems, and seeds. One whiff of this powerful oil and your cat's happy brain receptors start to light up. Immediately you'll see notice their reaction shift - and how they react to catnip often depends on the cat.

    Some felines experience a deep and comprehensive sense of relaxation. Other cats may be playful, hyperactive, and meow more than usual. However they react, it usually lasts quite a while. Most cats have these heightened sensations for about 10 minutes. Check out the amazing line of Catnip toys at Goofy Tails.

    4. Plush Cat Toys - When the cat plays, it can activate the cat's thinking, stimulate the cat's vitality, and keep the cat excited and exercising. Choose Goofytails cat toys, they can solve all your problems in no time. This unique plush cat toy entices cats to pounce, chase, play, and excite their natural instincts. Ideal for indoor/outdoor play. Toys can create a fun atmosphere and improve the interaction between you and your cat. It is made of durable material that will not damage your cat's paw and is ideal for scratching, biting, and chewing. Without chemical odor and harmful substances. The toy has a rattling sound and the inside is filled with PP cotton. They are machine washable and easy to clean. At Goofy tails, we have some really cute options for plush toys for kittens and cats.


    5. Cat Scratchers - Our cat scratchers is made of recyclable corrugated cardboard. It contains five layers of high-density corrugated paper that confirms durability, making it difficult for cats to tear. All materials are tested and durable. Unique design cat scratching boards with a round design allow your cat to scratch and rest comfortably. For the scratching post, use a wand, snack, or toys to guide them to the board. A cardboard cat scratching post, helps cats get more exercise and release their natural scratching instincts. With a premium sheet of cat ham, cats will love it.

    The best part is that it has 1 washable PP as the base, the confetti scraped by the cat collects on this bottom and does not stain the floor. The legs are stocky, so they are unlikely to wobble or topple over when a cat-crazed cat jumps on them. The cat scratching post can satisfy your cat's natural scratching instinct, effectively promote its healthy claws and protect your sofa, curtain, mattress, and floor. You won't suffer from the mess caused by your kitty. We have a wide range of cat scratching boards at Goofy tails, check them out. 


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