Meal Supplement and Appetiser

Meal Supplement and Appetiser

8 products

    8 products

    Help support your dog's strong muscles with a Goofy Tails Superfood gravy daily food topper. This premium dog food topper pack features high-quality ingredients, including real chicken liver, Pumpkin, Bone broth, whole eggs, eggshell powder, Flax seeds, coconut oil, and spinach. Our high-quality dog food recipes also feature wholesome, real ingredients No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives are added to the food topper. These are the best dog food mixers for your dogs. These adult dog food recipes include essential vitamins and minerals to support your dog's whole-body health. Serve the dog meal topper recipes alone as tasty meals, or mix them with kibble as wet dog food toppings. Providing 100 percent complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs.

    Supplements serve as nutritional support for dogs and cats of all conditions, sizes, and health levels. Our pets need it the most - after a long walk in the summer heat or winter cold, after recovery from surgery or illness. Dietary supplements can be an essential ingredient in improving health and well-being.

    Bone broth is a canine superfood, and pet parents are singing its praises around the world.
    It is a broth made after boiling the bones for 10 hours.

    In fact, bone broth has been around for many years, if not more, from Victorian homes, Japanese ramen, and the meals of the first people who cooked stew. All over the world, people have been making different kinds of broths for thousands of years, if not thousands of years.

    Bone broth is made from inedible parts of animals such as bones, skin, muscles, tendons, bone marrow, and feet. All of this is boiled to create this broth.

    Help support your dog's strong muscles with Goofy Tails Superfood Daily Meal Sauce. This premium dog food pack contains high-quality ingredients including real chicken liver, pumpkin, bone broth, whole eggs, shell powder, linseed, coconut oil, and spinach. Our high-quality dog ​​food formulas also contain wholesome, real ingredients. No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives are added to the filling. These adult dog food recipes contain essential vitamins and minerals to support the health of your dog's whole body. Serve dog topper recipes on their own as tasty treats or mix them with kibble as wet toppings for dogs. Provides 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs.

    Bone broth can be used as an addition to fresh foods, as a snack, or as a topper.
    The benefits of bone broth for dogs and cats come primarily from collagen. Collagen is found in bones, arteries, limbs, tendons, blood vessels, and hair. It is often referred to as the "glue" that holds the body together. As people and pets grow, collagen production declines. This is the main reason why joints, nails, and skin weaken with age. In dogs and cats, collagen supports digestion, joint health, soft skin, and fur, as well as the liver and immune system.
    Digestion – Collagen contains amino acids that help strengthen the protective lining of your pet's digestive tract, improve nutrient absorption and reduce the risk of intestinal leakage.
    Joint Health – Collagen helps maintain the integrity of the cartilage that protects the joints. In pets with joint injuries or arthritis, it helps alleviate some negative symptoms.
    Skin and coat - Using collagen can increase skin elasticity and help repair skin, stimulating your body to make new collagen.
    Liver Detoxification – As the cleaning chemicals settle on the floor and carpet, all these toxins stay in the liver. Collagen contains glycine, which helps detoxify the liver and safely remove it from the body.
    Immune system – Collagen contains essential amino acids that act as an immune booster and help build the immune system thanks to its antibacterial properties.

    Our healthy Goofy Tails treats are carefully formulated to act as a balanced food for your dog. It is loaded with superfoods and ensures a balanced mix of vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in each of our products. Our highly trained chefs ensure good taste and avoid all known allergens in our dog bowls. Goofy Fresh is an initiative by Goofy Tails to ensure your pooch is served fresh, balanced, and highly nutritious food, treats, and other treats. The goal is to provide the pet with a human-like experience. Goofy fresh is known to improve skin and coat, promote healthier digestion and improve gut health. Fresh ingredients promote stronger muscles and provide better overall health. Try four lip-smacking flavors - Chicken & Quinoa, Veggie & Sweet Potato, Buff & Berry, and Lamb & Pumpkin. Foods are preservative-free and gluten-free!

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