Goofy Tails Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs and Cats - 100 ml

GoofyTails SKU: GTPL0491
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Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs
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Goofy Tails Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs and Cats - 100 ml

GoofyTails SKU: GTPL0491
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Our Pet Hemp Seed Oil is essential for your pet's overall well-being due to the oil’s many wellness benefits. Our formula contains omega-3, 6, 9 Vitamin E, and minerals. Omega 3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties which help reduce the intensity of allergic reactions. They also help promote healthy, shiny, and soft skin and coat by lessening dry skin and dander. The hemp seed oil helps provide pain relief to your pet by decreasing inflammation and nerve-related pain.  These anti-inflammatory properties also help reduce brain inflammation in senior pets and thus help lessen the impact of many degenerative brain diseases. One of the best qualities of hemp seed oil is that it helps reduce pets’ anxiety levels, thus improving their general emotional well-being. 

  • MAINTAIN A SENSE OF CALM: Our Hemp seed oil for pets provides a natural calming effect that may help relieve stress, separation anxiety, travel issues, constant barking, natural aggressive behavior. Hemp extract has significant anti-inflammatory properties, which have been shown to help relieve joint pain and achieve more mobility, agility, and energy.
  • MANAGE SIGNS OF STRESS: pet hemp oil for dogs & cats helps your pet remain relaxed & agile and decrease aggressive behavior such as hissing, pacing, scratching, hiding, barking, and biting. 

  • HEALTHY SKIN & COAT: hemp oil for cats & dogs help improve coat & skin texture. Besides, dog & cat calming drops are rich in omega 3, 6, 9 which support heart & digestion functions.
  • IMMUNITY SUPPORT: Natural dog & cat calming oil supports immune response, better sleep at night, and general health. Natural cat & dog hemp oil help your four-legged friend feel energetic and enjoy every day.
  • HOW TO USE: Add Hemp Seed Oil over your pet’s food and relish the nutty flavor along with its nutritional goodness for a wholesome meal.
  • BENEFITS: Boosts Immunity, Reduces Shedding, Keeps the Skin Lubricated, Keeps Joints Healthy, Protects Gut, Anti-Inflammatory, Natural Omega 3 & 6.

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