Bone Broth For Dogs

Bone Broth For Dogs

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    5 products

    Bone Broth For Dogs and Cats: Transform a meal from ordinary to extraordinary.

    Supplements serve as a boost for dog’s and cat’s nutrition for all conditions, sizes, and health levels. Our pets need it the most - after a long walk in the heat of summer or winter cold, or recovering from surgery or illness. Supplements can be an essential ingredient in improving health and well-being.

    Bone broth is the canine superfood, with pet parents singing their praises worldwide. 

    It is essentially a broth made after boiling the bones for 10-plus hours.

    In fact, bone broth has been around for many years, if not more, from Victorians' houses, Japanese ramen, and the dishes of the first people to boil the stew. All over the world, people have been making different varieties of broth, if not thousands of years.

    Bone broth is made with inedible animal parts, such as bones, skin, muscles, tendons, bone marrow, and feet. All this is boiled to make this broth.

    One can use bone broth as an addition to fresh meals, as a snack, or just as a topper.

    Benefits of Bone Broth
    In the process of making bone broth, collagen and cartilage are boiled down, releasing anti-inflammatory substances such as chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine, and other compounds that help the joints stay strong. Additionally, bone broth contains amino acids such as glycine, proline, and arginine all of which have anti-inflammatory effects throughout the body. Finally, an abundance of collagen in bone marrow helps to build and strengthen bones.

    The great advantage of bone broth is that it promotes whole intestinal health from glycine

    As humans, when dogs and cats experience inflammation and metabolic stress, their bodies function under adverse conditions. To combat this, you can feed your pet bone broth, which promotes healthy intestines, nutritious food to help them thrive.

    Bone broth, along with goat's milk, are two ingredients approved by cats! Like dogs, bone broth is good for water flow, promotes healthy bowel function, and is fun! Your cat will want more.

    The benefits of bone broth for dogs and cats come primarily from collagen. Collagen is found in the bones, bones, arteries, limbs, tendons, blood vessels, and hair. It is often referred to as the "glue" that holds the body together. As humans and pets grow, collagen production decreases. This is the main reason why joints, nails, and skin become weaker as we grow older. In dogs and cats, collagen supports digestion, joint health, soft skin, and coats, as well as liver and immune systems.

    Digestion - Collagen contains amino acids that help strengthen the protective lining of your pet's digestive tract, improving the absorption of nutrients and reducing the risk of intestinal leakage.

    Joint Health - Collagen helps maintain cartilage integrity, which protects the joints. In pets with joint injuries or arthritis, it helps to alleviate some of the negative symptoms.

    Skin and Coat - The use of collagen can increase skin elasticity and help repair the skin, thus stimulating your body to build new collagen.

    Liver Detoxification - As the cleaning chemicals settle to the floor and carpet, all those toxins will remain in the liver. Collagen contains glycine, which helps to detoxify the liver and remove it safely from the body.

    Immune System - Collagen contains essential amino acids that act as an immune booster, and because of its antibacterial properties help build up the immune system.


    Frequently Asked Question

    Is bone broth good for dogs?

    Bone broth is generally good for all dogs and puppies > 3 months. Bone broths are rich in Amino Acids, Omega 3, and 6 and have high water content. This helps improve skin and coat, hip and joint, and hydration.
    For dogs with illnesses or diseases, we recommend bone broth to be given after Vet’s opinion or recommendation. 
    We also recommend introducing the bone broth gradually and serving full quantities over a period of 5 - 7 days. Apart from this bone broth is good for

    - picky eaters to appetize them
    - Rehydration in illness 
    - helpful in Vet clinics post-operative surgery or procedures
    - low-calorie healthy snack
    - great base to cook food for your pet

    Can I give my dog bone broth every day?

    Yes, bone broth can be given to your dog daily. Here is the daily feeding guide for your bone broth
    bone broth for dogs feeding guide
    We also recommend introducing the bone broth gradually and serving full quantities over a period of 5 - 7 days.
    If your dog shows signs of any illness or other terminal health challenges we recommend consulting your vet before serving. 
    We also recommend introducing the bone broth gradually and serving full quantities over a period of 5 - 7 days.
    How much bone broth can I give my dog a day?
    Here is the feeding guide to how much broth can be given. The bone broth serving guide is based on the weight and age of the dog.
    Here is the feeding guide table below.
    bone broth for dogs feeding guide
    We also recommend introducing the bone broth gradually and serving full quantities over a period of 5 - 7 days.

    What broth is healthy for dogs?

    Bone broth has multiple health benefits. Here are some
    • Boost immunity
    • Flights inflammation
    • Strengthens bone and teeth
    • Improves Hydration
    • Improves gut health and digestive system
    • helps fight osteoarthritis

     Is bone broth good for a dog's kidneys?

    Bone broth is good for hydration, hence is generally good for kidneys. However, for renal and UTI problems in dogs and cats, we recommend consulting a vet before using.

    Is homemade broth good for dogs?

    Homemade bone broth is good and hygienic. However, bone broth needs to be boiled and cooked for hours under supervision to get high Gelatine and a rich source of Amino acids/antioxidants from the broth. Hence we recommend using a certified bone broth for dogs and cats with rich Amino Acid, Omega 3.

    Will bone broth help my dog poop?

    Bone broth for dogs and cats helps in gut health and the digestive tract. Hence it would improve your dog’s poop. It's a low-calorie snack. If your dog shows any signs of loose motions or vomiting, it may be overfeeding broth. Hence we recommend following the serving size guide based on your pet’s age and breed. Also, stop serving for a few days and introduce the broth gradually. We also recommend introducing the bone broth gradually and serving full quantities over a period of 5 - 7 days.

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