Cat Grooming

Cat Grooming

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    4 products

    Goofy Tails Grooming accessories for cats and kittens.

    Yes, you've probably seen your cat spend hours grooming herself. Despite their sincere efforts, you will need to get involved in several aspects of cat care from time to time.

    Don't forget to choose a care time when you are both relaxed and calm. Maybe it's after your cat's food and after your chores are done. Make the experience as pleasant as possible for both of you so that it also serves as a bonding activity.

    The basis of care is a good brushing with a cat cleaning brush and possibly wiping with wet cat wipes. Keep each treatment short and try to gauge your pet's mood. If your cat is restless and uncomfortable, shorten the session and pick her up another time. Forcing the cat to stay put will only make it more resistant to future sessions.

    Ticks and fleas are a common problem for pets and a safe tick and flea shampoo for cats is just what you need to solve this problem. Baths are probably a good idea too, and there are pet spas to help with this.

    Keeping your cat well-groomed and clean does wonder for improving temperament and comfort. When you think about it, it's the same with humans, after a good bath or haircut, we feel refreshed and rejuvenated. It's the same with pets.

    Give your cat the complete care it deserves with Goofy Tails cat grooming and bathing tools. After all, a clean and healthy cat is easier to maintain with the right tools and supplies for grooming and bathing. Because not all pets take to the water and new products right away, you need to slowly introduce them to your cat and be prepared to resort to new and different approaches. Your top priority when treating cats should be their stress level, so be patient and be prepared to break each part down into manageable, short sessions. Don't be discouraged if your cat becomes vocal or defensive, but be prepared to use a partner to calm her down as you care for her with appropriate grooming tools. Brushing alone cannot cover all of our pet's needs, but it can help you detect problems before they become larger and more expensive vet visits.
    Nail clippers and files are useful cat grooming tools, but you may find you need to use treats and short sessions to trim each claw. You can also use a cat bath as a way to soften the claws before clipping them. Cat bathing should include shampoos specially formulated for your cats to effectively and safely remove grease, dirt, and oils. You can also use special ear rinses while bathing cats to provide relief from itching if they are suffering from ear mites.

    If your cat is not a fan of bathing, you may want to consider using wipes or waterless shampoos to keep your cat fresh. To keep their hearing health as good as possible, you'll also want to invest in some ear wipes for a clean, dry cat bath. There are also flea shampoo sprays and cat care supplies if your home is experiencing an infestation.

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