Goofy Tails Coffee Wood Chewing Stick for Dogs | Caffeine Free Training Chewing Stick

Goofy Tails SKU: GTPL0583
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Goofy Tails Coffee Wood Chewing Stick for Dogs | Caffeine Free Training Chewing Stick

Goofy Tails SKU: GTPL0583
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Goofy Tails coffee wood dog chew toys are both dental health benefits and also, it's offering of 0% fat content. Fine and softwood fibers have a similar good cleaning effect as a toothbrush. Chewing also helps to strengthen the bite muscles of young and old. since it is the only ingredient in our chew sticks, this coffee Chewstick is 100 % vegan and free from any harmful additives. Once the stick is small enough to swallow whole, replace it with a new one. The amount of time it takes to reach this point will depend on the strength and aggressiveness of your dog’s chewing.

  • NATURAL DOG CHEW TOYS: Goofy Tails Dog Chew Stick is free from caffeine, artificial ingredients, and additives. It’s safe, non-toxic, and safer than chewing real sticks. These Handmade wood is de-barked, smoothed, ends rounded, cleaned.
  • SAFE CHEW STICK TOY: Coffee Stick is best materials mother nature has to offer. Coffee wood is an ideal resource for dog chew sticks. It is a lot harder than other wood, That's why these sticks are resilient and less likely to splinter.
  • STRONG AND LONG-LASTING: Coffee wood is strong yet safe for teeth, good for chewing, and gradually breaks down into small, safe fibers and pieces.
  • HEALTHY: Coffee wood is good for your dog’s dental health - strengthens jaw muscles, cleans teeth and gums, freshens breath, helps with digestion.
  • FUN: Instead of your furniture legs being your dog’s way of passing the time, Woodies comes to the rescue! Reward, reduces stress, boredom, anxiety.
  • TIME TO REPLACE: When your coffee wood dog chew toy have been enjoyed to the point that it is small enough to be a choking hazard for your dog, it is time to be replaced. The time this takes will vary depending on the strength and size of your dog. Although organic and perfectly safe for dogs to digest, please remove the chew from your dog immediately if it begins to splinter or break into pieces, to prevent choking hazards.

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