Puppy and Teething Toys

Puppy and Teething Toys

5 products

    5 products
    Goofy Tails Baby Pet Bear Two Knott Squeaky Chew Toy with Rope for Puppies (7168237109398)
    Goofy Tails Baby Pet Bear Two Knott Squeaky Chew Toy with Rope for Puppies (7168237109398)
    Baby Pet Bear Two Knott Squeaky Chew Toy with Rope for Puppies
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    Dog Chew Toy
    Dogs Toys
    Classic Bone- Small Interactive Chew Dog Toy | Blue
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    When it comes to playtime, your pup is a beast—so bring home these puppy teething toys that can handle all that play! These dog toys are built to last through every play session with a ballistic polyester construction and stripe stitching for added seam strength, while a plush exterior plays up their softer side for all those naps and cuddles. These plushy teething toys for dogs have an in-built squeaker that helps in attracting your pet’s attention. The squeakers have been built with detailed seam stitching to help protect them from overexcited teeth.

    CONGRATULATIONS! It's a PUPPY! Welcome to pet parenting! A time of sleepless yet memorable nights when your pup goes potty at night, sweet moments snuggled up to your new fur, and the fun but a sometimes frustrating teething phase. Regardless of your puppy's breed, gender, or personality, all puppies go through the dreaded teething phase. Just like a baby, a puppy will gnaw on objects to help ease the pain that teething can cause. During this stage, your puppy may chew on things around your home, such as shoes, brushes, remote controls, and sometimes even walls, if you don't offer your puppy any safe chew toys to chew on. So save a pair of shoes and a remote control and give your pup a variety of toys with different textures to chew on. As always, don't forget to supervise the puppy during the game. IF pieces of any toy separate or break, remove the toy from play. Puppy toys are a must for new pet parents. Not only do they provide lots of fun for your new rambunctious friend, but they're also useful for helping soothe teething puppies. Puppies will find anything and everything to play with and their choices are not always ideal. Make sure you have a full supply of puppy-approved toys on hand. Goofy Tails offers a selection of the best toys for puppies to throw, pull, retrieve and chew. Chewing is a natural dog behavior at any time. When puppies are teething, it means they are losing baby teeth and new ones are coming in and growing in those big shiny adult teeth. This time for the puppy can be painful and very demanding. Puppies tend to peak between 8 weeks and 6 months of age.
    When your puppy starts teething, you may have seen that he needs something or something in his mouth. Your puppy may start chewing on your furniture, squeaky shoes, sticks, rocks, etc. So you need to make sure that your little dog has an alternative selection of toys to his own chew items. Your puppy should have plenty of safe, sturdy, and durable teething toys.

    At the time of teething, your pet will get an irresistible urge to chew, bite and chew everything because his gums are sore and very itchy, and cutting is unpleasant. So for him, you need to look for a toy that will help your puppy get rid of the discomfort and pain by chewing on it.
    Check out the best chew toys for puppies:
    Which are solid but made of flexible materials, possibly with fabric surfaces
    Properly shaped and made of quality material
    The toy should not be made of hard or thin plastic, sharp or fragile.

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