Dog Chew Toys

Dog Chew Toys

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    60 products

    Dog Chew Toys: Tough and durable chew toys for dogs and puppies

    Chew toys for puppies are essential during the teething phase (when their permanent teeth are growing). When your puppy chews on your shoes or furniture, use puppy chew toys to distract them while giving them an alternative object to chew on! Even when they grow out of the teething stage, chewing is a natural instinct for dogs and they enjoy chewing even after they grow up. So be sure to get strong chew toys for dogs too! Be sure to buy durable chew toys for strong chewers. Supervision is recommended when your pet is engaged in chewing with their favorite chew toy!

    Whether it's a puppy or an adult dog, all dogs need to chew. Puppies chew when teething to relieve pain and soothe their gums, or just to explore a new world (like a baby!). They then continue into adulthood to maintain strong masticatory (chewing) muscles, clean teeth, and a wired brain.

    Chewing helps senior dogs deal with anxiety, frustration, and boredom. In fact, it's one of three rewarding activities that help calm a hyperactive or anxious dog.

    When you buy toys, if you can't dent them with your fingernail or break them easily, it's probably too hard for your dog's teeth. The following toys are generally safe for dogs:

    • Dog Chew Toys: Tough and durable chew toys for dogs and puppies – the hollow ones (which are great for holding treats) usually work well for all types of chews. Just choose the size that fits your dog's mouth.
    • Rope Toys – If your dog is a chewer, make sure they don't pull on the ropes and swallow them. Otherwise, they are considered safe.
    • Durable stuffed toys - Usually not durable enough for a shredder. If you have an inhaler or lover, avoid toys with parts that could easily come off, such as eyes, bells, or ribbons.
    • Tennis balls – These are fine for most chewers, but watch out for shredders who might destroy and swallow tennis ball pieces. Excessive fluff chewing can also wear down their teeth.

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