Squeaky Stick Rubber Chew Toy

Goofy Tails Squeaky Stick Rubber Chew Toy (7168305234070)
Goofy Tails Squeaky Stick Rubber Chew Toy (7168305234070)
Goofy Tails Squeaky Stick Rubber Chew Toy (7168305234070)
Goofy Tails Squeaky Stick Rubber Chew Toy (7168305234070)
Goofy Tails Squeaky Stick Rubber Chew Toy (7168305234070)

Squeaky Stick Rubber Chew Toy

"My Doggo loves it. It's her favourite toy now."


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  • Safe Non-Toxic Rubber dog toys are made of hard natural rubber making it 100% safe for your pets
  • Squeaker toys feature a loud internal squeaker, and features a gum-massaging, spiky texture; its unique design ensures no choking hazards only fun
  • These toys can be used for both indoor or outdoor playing or training; satisfying dogs instinctual needs and strengthening the bond between dog and owner
  • Put Your Dog To Work To Doing Something Fun. (Color May Vary, 9-Inches)
  • Satisfies dogs natural urge to chew as dogs can chew for hours, our rubber dog chew toys

Goofy Tails Super Squeaky Rubber Stick Chew Toy for Dogs:- The stick-shaped chewable toy is made from non-toxic rubber. It squeaks loudly every time your dog puts it in its mouth or paws it. Most dogs love to chew on the irregular surface of the toy that prevents boredom and also massages their teeth and gum. A stick-shaped chew toy made from high-quality rubber to keep your dog go busy for hours at end.

Why is this squeaky stick good for your dog?

  • Keep your pet busy with this vibrant squeaky stick it would love to chew for hours.
  • The stick can be used for playtime, prevent separation anxiety
  • Fun & Exercise For All Age & All Breeds of Dogs
  • Satisfy your dog’s natural instinct of gnawing and chewing
  • Perfect for small to medium breeds
  • Reduces plaque and tartar
  • Free of toxins and chemicals
  • Minimizes stress and anxiety
Product specification

Material: High-quality Rubber

Color: Green

Weight: 109 g

An extraordinary playtime for your pet

Shower your pet with love and affection and see it squeal with joy as it chews on this super squeaky rubber stick – a wonderful chew toy loved by dogs of all age groups and sizes.

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