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Cat Beds

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    Cat Beds: Calm, Comfortable, and Cozy.

    Pets sleep much more than humans and cats need around 12-16 hours of sleep a day. Disrupted sleep cycles can take a toll on your pet's health. Fortunately, you don't have to rock your kitty to sleep, just give her a cozy place to curl up and she'll take it from there. This is where a comfortable cat bed comes into play.

    Cat beds are generally designed to be enclosed and resemble a den or cave. Cats feel safe in covered areas and like to sleep curled up in a ball. This is why the cat tent is very popular with kittens.

    Once you've bought a bed, note where your kitty likes to sleep - is it on a wide windowsill? Or that place on the shelf? They typically choose somewhere out of the way and quiet. Place the bed you bought in such a place. If your cat is unsure about using the litter box, encourage her to test it out with a few treats or a sprinkling of kitty litter. It's also helpful to note that cats naturally choose elevated places to sleep so they can survey their entire surroundings/room from their perch.

    Nothing beats a peaceful nap after a hard day or just relaxing on the couch. Why should our beloved friends be excluded from this beautiful comfort? Pepperfry has decided to offer furniture for your pets with the aim of providing dogs and cats with a modern and contemporary lifestyle.

    When it comes to owning your own pet, you want to make sure you have all the necessary equipment to care for them. Whether you have a cat, dog, bird, or any other type of small animal, having the right furniture to care for them goes a long way to their satisfaction. And every pet needs a unique style of equipment. For example, cats prefer litter boxes and cat trees, but dogs prefer dog beds and homes. It all depends on the animal and how you want to take care of it. Here are some examples of pet furniture that will make your pet feel right at home.

    Just like dogs, you'll want to make sure your feline friend has all the expected pet furniture, such as a cat bed, carrier, and litter box. Despite the fact that some furniture is comparable to dog furniture, cats have their own types of furniture that are unique to them. For example, cats enjoy cat perches and scratching posts that allow them to groom their claws and keep them happy and healthy.

    Cats have their own unique personality and this is reflected in their lifestyle, whether it's the accessories they own, the toys they have, or even the litter they use. We'll help you find the perfect cat bed and travel supplies to make life a breeze for you and your kitty.

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