Odour Control and Air Freshener

Odour Control and Air Freshener

3 products

    3 products
    Dogs can bring a lot of goodness to your life, but they don't always smell like roses. In fact, dogs can leave a lot of odors in the house, especially if they have an accident in the house, go swimming, roll in the mud, or for any other reason. Goofy Tails offers a variety of cleaning products for dogs, including activated charcoal.
    The activated carbon air freshener is made from pure natural coconut/wood activated carbon and packed in a jute bag. Even if eaten or bitten by a pet, it is harmless. It is also inert and prevents any allergy unlike highly perfumed air fresheners available in the market
    Living with a dog and enjoying a clean, fresh-smelling home doesn't have to be mutually exclusive. The Goofy Tails Dog Cleaner Collection includes enzymatic cleaners, pet odor eliminators, and solutions to help tackle dog urine stains and odors. These cleaners can be especially helpful if you are still training your puppy or if your dog is sick. However, even the best-behaved canines can still bring odors from the yard, so it's a good idea to have a pet cleaner on hand for every type of surface in your home. Check out the Goofy Tails Dog Deals for great prices on your pup's everyday fix.

    Even the best-trained puppy can occasionally have an accident and leave behind an unsightly, smelly mess. Whether it's due to a major health problem or introducing them to a new environment, dog accidents happen. When your pet has an accident, shop Goofy Tails for the best pet odor remover. When you're cleaning up dog messes, regular household cleaners just won't cut it. Dog urine causes yellow stains that leave a sticky residue and a strong odor. Use stain removers and dog deodorant to clean up all pet messes and remove unpleasant odors from your pet-friendly home. Liquid stain removers and deodorants are great for removing pet stains from any surface. Special enzymes and other ingredients help eliminate odors and protect them from re-marking to make your home an accident-free zone. Odor-lock technology breaks down odors and stains on contact and discourages your pup from re-marking the area. Don't turn away guests because of pet odor. Also consider potty pads or dog diapers to help with your dog's potty training needs.

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