Training and Puppy Treats

Training and Puppy Treats

11 products

    11 products
    Goofy Tails Treat Combo for Dogs and Puppies - Pack of 2 (COD Dumbbell + Chicken & Sesame) (7414281666710)
    Dog Treat pack (7414281666710)
    Treat Combo for Dogs and Puppies - Pack of 2 (COD Dumbbell + Chicken & Sesame)
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    Lamb Chip Dog Treats  (7371994169494)
    Lamb Chip (7371994169494)
    Lamb Chips for Dogs and Puppies - 70 grams - Pack of 1
    from ₹178.50 Regular price ₹210.00 Save 15%
    Dog Treats
    Dog Treat Combo (7414282944662)
    Treats Combo for Dogs and Puppies - Pack of 5
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    Goofy Tails Best Training and Puppy Treats

    High-value treats are best for training. That is, treats they don't get every day - a new, interesting taste or texture. Make sure it's a low-calorie, bite-sized treat, as chances are they'll have multiple treats in one sitting or break one big treat into smaller pieces. Keep a check on the number of calories you are feeding rather than the number of treats. Treats should only make up about 10% of their daily calories (even less if your pup is overweight). Make sure they get all the good stuff they need from their food and supplement their diet with treats as a reward.
    If you are planning to start training your pup then check out Goofy Tails training treats. These types of dog treats are great to use with a clicker for dog training because you can easily store these treats in a bag. Unlike your regular dog treats, dog training treats are smaller and Goofy Tails or more pliable so they can be divided into small portions of reward. This gives pet parents a way to reward their pet without expanding their pup's waistline. These training treats come in a variety of flavors such as chicken and cod, fruit chicken, chicken cod and sushi, lamb chips, chicken sausage, and duck with seaweed. These treats are small, and bite-sized, making them ideal for dog training. . Their small size also makes them a great option to mix in with your puppy's dog food or put inside interactive dog toys to give your dog an extra reward for his hard work. Finding the right dog training treats and dog supplies can really take your pup's obedience training to the next level, so check out all the delicious dog treat options that the online pet store Goofy Tails has to offer!

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