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Cat Mats

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    Cats can be fantastic pets for people who live alone and for large families. They can be loyal, friendly and low maintenance – among their other great qualities. And because they are such great companions, they deserve high-quality care – from fun toys and healthy food to comfortable beds and pads. Show your cat the love she deserves by giving her a comfortable pet bed to sleep on.
    It's a well-known fact that cats can relax almost anywhere—on top of bookshelves, under the bed, or even on the cool dirt in the backyard. But just because they can lay their head on the floor doesn't mean your cat won't appreciate a plush bed mat.

    Cat mats from Goofy Tails were made so that your furry cat always has a comfortable place to nap. Whether it's under the desk at work, in the car for commuting/driving around town or on the sofa for a quiet evening. Spreading a mat over a car seat or couch is a great way to protect the covers from fur and scratches. Goofy Tails pet mats can be rolled up, secured with straps (which accompany each pet mat) and then carried around as easily as a yoga mat! This makes it so convenient for commuting or trips. We have a collection of pet mats in different sizes so you can get one that will suit your pet. Be sure to choose one that has enough room for your fur to stretch out. Pet mats are a great way to cosy, even travel crates. Just choose the size that fits you.

    Our cat mats are incredibly comfortable and practical. Use them virtually anywhere as a cat litter box pad, large cat bed pillow, or pet pad.
    Soft and durable, these comfortable washable cat mats from Goofy Tails will make your furry friend feel at home wherever they lay their head.
    Made of high quality material to give your furry friend a super comfy spot on the couch or by your feet. The zipperless design reduces the risk of chewing and tearing.
    Goofy Tails pet mats are filled with premium padding to keep their shape for a long time. They can be washed in the washing machine, we recommend hand washing for the first time.
    Our cat mats are made from 100% cotton and are easy to wash and maintain.

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