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    If you are a responsible pet parent: Poop Scoopers and Poop Bags are a must-have. Goofy Tails has special compatible eco-friendly poop bags. The bags come in an easy dispenser box.  Poop bags are big enough for easy lifting and handling. Made from corn starch they can easily be composed and biodegraded. All bags are plastic-free and free from chemicals and scent-free.

    Apart from poop bags: Goofy Tails has easy-lift poop scoopers. Fit the poop bag liners in the scooper and the easy lift and dispose of mechanism make pet parenting easy and hassle-free. The poop scoopers have a non-stick surface and a spring-controlled mechanism for easy lift.  Scoopers are lightweight and have a secure handle with a lever.

    Let's face it, we love our pets and would do anything for them, even if it means cleaning up their not-so-loved things. Goofy Tails offers a variety of options in pet waste bags and poo scoops to speed up cleanup and free up more time for the things you love, like puppy cuddles and belly scratches. Goofy tails dog poop bags will keep your pup's tail wagging and Mother Nature smiling. Dog poop shovels allow us to take a little more mess out of cleaning. Goofy tails Poop Scooper cleans up your dog's waste faster and easier. It is for easy one-handed scooping on all surfaces. It has a strong spring that ensures the jaws stay closed until you are ready to empty them. Its long handle eliminates unnecessary bending. Works great on grass and cement.

    Goofy Tails Pet Waste Bags are made from cornstarch (any renewable resource). Our dog poo bags are a great alternative to regular polyethylene plastic bags and are safer for our planet. They break down in just 90 days and help keep parks and landfills plastic-free, so poop bags are green for a reason! Our poop bags are super durable and won't leak, break or tear. Built to withstand the most demanding duties, they are soft to the touch and non-sticky, making them easy to separate. The bags are odorless and easy to open and dispose of. Our bags are bigger, thicker, stiffer, impermeable, and odor-proof, the contents and odor are inside. It is great for all kinds of pets For dogs, and cats, litter box cleaning.
    You might think there's nothing glamorous about poop bags, but cleaning up after our dogs can actually create a safer environment for us, our neighbors, and other dogs. Cleaning up after your pup will keep you on good terms with your neighbors (and in some places with the law!), but picking up your dog's poop is also good for hygiene reasons. Nasty parasites and bacterial and serious viral infections can be passed between dogs through faeces, and humans can even contract parasites by coming into contact with contaminated pet faeces, so it's always best to pack them in as soon as possible.

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