collars for dogs

collars for dogs

2 products

    2 products
    Goofy Tails X Design Chefz Eco-Luxe Collar and Leash Set (Neon Peach) (7189658861718)
    Goofy Tails X Design Chefz Eco-Luxe Collar and Leash Set (Neon Peach) (7189658861718)
    X Design Chefz Eco-Luxe Collar and Leash Set (Neon Peach) - X-Small
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    Your dog loves walking, but you love walking your dog? If you find yourself being dragged around by your curious dog while on a leash, it's probably time to start leash training your dog. This may come as a surprise to first-time parents, but dogs are naturally off-leash. Leashing skills must be learned and this skill is not always easy.

    Goofy Tails has the perfect product you need to properly secure your pup outdoors. Browse dog collars, harnesses, and leashes in a variety of sizes (from xx-small to 3x-large) and materials to meet your style and functional needs. These items are must-haves for new pet parents, and each provides your pet with a certain level of safety and security.
    Once you bring your new companion home, you should fit him with the correct size collar. Dog collars should fit snugly around your dog's neck. Dog collars can be used to keep your dog on a leash, but they are also essential for identifying your puppy in case he runs away from your home or gets lost. We recommend placing a name tag with all the information on the puppy's collar.

    Dogs are naturally faster than us and are excited to explore nature. Leash training helps your puppy know not to pull ahead or fall behind you, even if something interests them outside. Get help training your furry friend with collars, dog leads or other dog training leads and dog harnesses from Goofy Tails. Walking a large dog that is not trained on a leash can lead to accidents and injuries.

    Harnesses for dogs. While not necessary for all puppies, dog harnesses are ideal for dogs with certain medical conditions or those who need extra support and security. Similar to our collars, you can find dog harnesses in a variety of fun styles, including personalized and reflective
    Dog leashes. We recommend investing in a strong and durable dog leash. The right dog leash can help your pooch train proper leash behavior.

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