Tick and Flea - Cats

Tick and Flea - Cats

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    1 product

    Ticks and Flea Solutions for cats and kittens

    Be sure to check with your veterinarian and read the manufacturer's instructions carefully before choosing flea and tick treatments, preventatives, and/or home/garden care products.
    In addition to causing discomfort to your cat, fleas and ticks can carry harmful diseases. Fortunately, there are many options to keep your family safe. Flea collars are a common choice and some can help repel both fleas and ticks. In addition to collars, Goofy Tails Natural Tick and Flea Spray is a plant-based product that removes ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes from pets. It is a water-based formula and can be applied to the animal's sitting areas or directly to your pet. Carefully designed without aggressive chemical composition, it is safe for your dog. Unlike other dangerous chemical-based sprays and ointments, it is also safe for pet owners. Goofy Tails believes in the concept of #PetsDeserveTheSame. Our 6-in-1 formula protects against ticks, fleas, heartworms, roundworms, hookworms, and mites.
    This will help you remove adult fleas and ticks from your cat and can get biting bugs out of your cat's fur.
    It's every pet parent's nightmare, your cuddly companion has become infected with a pesky pest. Fleas and ticks cause a myriad of problems for cats and pet parents alike. Cat fleas are small, dark brown to black insects with hardened bodies. Although they cannot fly, they have strong hind legs that help them jump. Their mouths are designed to penetrate your pet's skin and suck their blood. Fleas can live for one to two and a half months depending on temperature and humidity. That's plenty of time to cause your cat significant discomfort. Signs that your cat has fleas include "flea dirt" in their fur, excessive scratching, licking or biting of the skin, and shedding. There are several flea products and medications available for cats. Some kill fleas that live on your pet, while others help kill pests that live in your home or garden. The best flea treatment for cats will not only attack the adult fleas, but also the eggs and larvae.
    Goofy Tails is a natural flea treatment for cats that contains natural oil ingredients that kill adult fleas and flea eggs and larvae. Apply the formula easily to surfaces, indoors and outdoors, including dog beds, crates, furniture, blankets, upholstery, carpets, and outdoor surfaces to protect your entire home from flea infestations.

    Ticks can carry potentially fatal diseases that are transmitted when the tick bites your cat. To prevent the transmission of disease through ticks, it is important to regularly check your feline friend for unwanted pests and provide him with the best medicine and treatment against ticks and fleas. Fortunately, ticks on cats are easier to spot than fleas. Ticks are usually dark and large enough to be seen. Ticks tend to bury their heads in the cat's skin and feed. The more they feed, the bigger and more visible their bodies become.

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