Vegeterian Treats

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    Goofy Tails brings an assortment of natural, holistic, nutritious, and healthy dog treats. The dog chews are made from making them all single natural and free from artificially induced hormones, preservatives, additives, or colors. The  Apple Slices, Crispy Banana, Crispy Carrot slices & Crispy Sweet Potato Strips are our new Vegan treats for dogs. These are completely digestible and made from single ingredients promoting healthy teeth and gums while high in vitamins and proteins. Our premium single ingredient treats are an excellent alternative to the usual rawhide dog treats. Goofy treats go through the age-old method of food processing, Dehydration. In our dehydrators, hot air is added to the food over long periods of time. This carries the moisture away from the ingredients giving them an extended shelf life and concentrating flavor and nutritional value.No grains, gluten, junk, byproducts, or waste. 100% human-grade ingredients used.
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