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    14 products
    Biting is a natural instinct of dogs. Biting is an important way for a Dog to release vitality. Goofy Tails handpicked collection of Balls are the correct ball toys that channel your pooch's vitality in a positive manner.
    Made of natural rubber, these Dog Chew Toys are extremely durable even after millions of dog chews. These Toys apart from helping your dog by acting as its prey will also keep your dog busy and active playing. The scented flavor of these toys is sure to test the sniffing sense of your pet to its core when you hide this ball or bone from it. Not to forget, the best thing is holes in the ball. It can be stuffed with a dry treat that your dogs would love to take a bite out of it.
    Is there really anything better than the look on a dog's face as he waits for you to throw him his favorite ball? The balls are perfect for playing fetch and for fun as a chew toy, some squeak, some are hard, and some even squeak when you throw them!
    The ball is an essential toy for any dog ​​that likes to play fetch. Ball toys for dogs come in many varieties, from the basic tennis ball or rubber ball to glow-in-the-dark balls and flashing balls. Many balls contain whistles. Others have holes that need to be filled with treats. Some balls are basic bouncers designed for fetch.
    When choosing a ball for your dog, choose one that is large enough for the dog to carry without accidentally swallowing it, but small enough to fit comfortably in the mouth. A basic tennis ball size works well for most dogs, but there are also extra large balls for giant dogs and mini balls for small dogs.
    As a general rule, don't leave tennis balls for your dog to chew on. Believe it or not, the material of tennis balls can cause wear and tear on your teeth. In addition, chewed pieces may lead to choking or gastrointestinal obstruction if ingested.
    Goofy Tails Ball Toy is made of 100% safe healthy non-toxic material, durable, flexible and semi-hard natural rubber, gentle on pet's teeth and gums. Strong and safe for dogs that bite. The unique wavy pattern on the outside creates ridges that make it easier for your dog to pick up and retrieve, while the texture makes it easier for people to grab and throw.

    Squeaky Balls are made from 100% high quality non-toxic natural rubber. This ball dog toy is durable, resistant to the toughest chews, long-lasting, and bite-resistant. It has a high-pitched whistling sound that makes it very attractive to dogs.

    The Goofy Tails Dog Tennis Ball is perfect for all dog breeds. This ball will encourage your dog to run, fetch and exercise to keep him happy and healthy. These balls are made of durable non-toxic material, so they are safe for your dog. This Solid Ball has a classic design that belongs in every dog's toy box. Its size is ideal for long-distance casting. Our tennis balls for dogs are non-pressure balls with a hard liner that are easy to chew with sharp teeth and are primarily designed for stroke training. These balls have high rebound natural rubber that encourages dogs to bounce and jump.

    Goofy Tails Flavored Dog Ball is a dog favorite and they love to chew! Especially when they are puppies, they start teething so they feel addicted to biting anything that is chewy. It is very advisable to give your dog a chew toy to ensure that he does not chew your valuables such as shoes, pillows, etc., which is definitely not a healthy sign. Made from natural rubber, this toy is extremely durable even after millions of dog chews. In addition to helping your dog by acting as his prey, this ball also keeps your dog busy by actively playing and rolling with this ball. The fragrant flavor is guaranteed to test your dog's sense of smell to the core when you hide this ball from him. Don't forget that the holes in this toy can be stuffed with dry treats that your dogs will love to bite into.

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