Flavored Dog Ball with Holes Rubber Chew Toy

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Goofy Tails Flavored Dog Ball with Holes Rubber Chew Toy

Flavored Dog Ball with Holes Rubber Chew Toy

"This is good for dogs. My lab puppy loves it very much and it is good for training puppies like catch, take, fetch commands, etc."

—Kamal S.

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  • Maximum strength & durability, Size: 2.5 inches
  • Made of Non-Toxic Rubber Material.
  • Perfect bright and colorful chew ball for your pet.
  • Comes with large holes, ideal for stuffing dry treat.
  • Scented chew toy to keep your dog busy for long time.
  • Color May Vary

Dogs love to chew! Especially when they are puppies, the teeth start growing making them feel addicted to biting anything that is chewable. It is very advisable to give your dog a chewable toy to make sure that they don’t chew your valuables like shoes, pillows, etc. which definitely is not a healthy sign. That is why Goofy Tails Flavored Dog Ball with Holes Rubber Chew Toy

Made of natural rubber, this Dog Chew Toy is extremely durable even after millions of dog chews. This ball apart from helping your dog by acting as its prey will also keep your dog busy and active by playing with and rolling this ball. The scented flavor is sure to test the sniffing sense of your dog to its core when you hide this ball from it. Not to forget, the holes in this toy can be stuffed with a dry treat that your dogs would love to take a bite out of it.


SUPER-DURABLE CHEW BALL FOR YOUR DOGS: Rubber Chew Ball from Goofy Tails would be the perfect toy companion for your cute puppies and dogs. Made of super-durable rubber material, you can expect this toy to last longer than your dog’s teeth even under extreme chewing.
COMES WITH LARGE HOLES, IDEAL FOR STUFFING DRY TREAT: This chew ball toy contains large holes which aid in stuffing dry treats for your dogs. They would love to play with this chew toy and finally chew the food out of it when they’re hungry.
SCENTED CHEW TOY TO KEEP YOUR DOG BUSY: This chew toy from Goofy Tails comes scented so that your dog with its sniffing will not lose its curiosity to chew and play with it.

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