Goofy Fresh Meals and Healthy Treats

Goofy Fresh Meals and Healthy Treats

12 products

    12 products
    Fresh veg food for dogs (7168206176406)
    wet dog food (7168206176406)
    Veggies and Sweet Potato Fresh Food for Dogs and Puppies - Pack of 1
    from ₹225.00
    Dog Food (7331311124630)
    Food For Dogs (7331311124630)
    4 Tester Pack Wet Food Combo for Dogs and Puppies - 800g (200g x 4)
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    Goofy Fresh 4 Tester Pack of Ready-to- Eat Meal + Bone Broth (7331321774230)
    Wet Dog Food
    4 Tester Pack of Ready-to- Eat Meal 800g (200g x 4) +100ml Bone Broth
    Sale price ₹879.75 Regular price ₹1,035.00 Save 15%
    Dog Food (7330350956694)
    Food for Dogs (7330350956694)
    Tester Pack- 200g Chicken Quinoa+ 200g Lamb Pumpkin+ 100ml Bone Broth
    Sale price ₹497.25 Regular price ₹585.00 Save 15%

    Goofy Fresh Wholesome Meals and Healthy Treats For Dogs and Puppies

    Goofy Tails Fresh Meals are a revolutionary way to feed your furry best friends. Delicious, tasty and ultra-healthy, each of our meals is sure to leave your furry baby's tail wagging with delight. Carefully assembled from only the best ingredients and handcrafted with love, our Fresh Meals will satisfy even the most stubborn of crust buds!

    Feeding your pet freshly cooked food has never been easier! Just tear it open and serve fresh food for your furry baby.

    Our packaging technology allows us to provide your pets with stable food without preservatives. Packed with good, healthy, human-quality ingredients, our fresh meals are grain-free, gluten-free, and preservative-free!
    Try one of our delicious trial packs to get to know your fur ball's favorites and start building a suitable diet.

    Fresh ingredients are easier to digest, allowing your dog's body to absorb more energy from the diet. This allows your dog to have more energy available when he needs it. Vitamin A in fresh foods helps keep eyes intoxicated from the inside and brighter from the outside

    Switch to real healthy food with no preservatives and see the difference in the lives of your furry family members!

    Goofy Tails' fresh meals are healthy, delicious, and carefully crafted from the finest ingredients. They can be prepared in no time and are sure to leave your pooch happy and excited. Our packaging also ensures that these instant fresh meals can be kept on the shelves. Our fresh meals are also preservative-free and gluten-free! So are you looking for fresh food for your pet? Goofy Tails has exactly what you need!

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