Cat Food and Treats

Cat Food and Treats

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    14 products
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    Freeze Dried Shrimp Treats for Cats and Kittens 30g - Pack of 2 (30g x 2 =60g)
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    Goofy Tails Nutritious and Delicious Cat Food and Treats 

    Felines love treats just like any other pet and we have a collection that won't disappoint! Goofy Tails treats are delicious treats that cats seem to really love. We also offer nutritious chicken and fish treats and bone broth for cats. In addition to offering these treats to your cat as a snack, you can also add them to food to make them more appealing.

    The best cat treats and a little encouragement can go a long way in training your cat or kitten. Cats tend to respond to training that rewards good behavior rather than training that punishes bad behavior. Cat treats are a great tool for rewarding the behavior you want to encourage.

    Cat treats can also be used for play! Healthy cat treats have secondary effects that are very beneficial for your feline friend. From dental chews to keep your cat's teeth clean and healthy, to high-protein cat snacks to supplement their diet, healthy cat treats are a great way to show your pet a little love while maintaining a balanced diet. If you're not sure which variety is best for your cat, try smaller batches before investing in larger bags.

    Whether it's a decadent meal or a snack, food can be truly rewarding. Your pet feels the same way. Your cuddly kitty may not be able to treat herself, so they're counting on you to get some tasty treats. Treat your fabulous cat to delicious cat treats from Goofy Tails that they will love. The best cat treats depend on their health, dietary needs, and taste. Fortunately, cat treats come in a variety of textures and flavors, so there's something for every cat to nibble on. Want to help protect your cat's skin and coat? Some healthy cat treats have additional benefits. For example, skin and fur cat treat recipes are one of the best ways to promote healthy cat skin and fur. If your cat suffers from a sensitive stomach or allergies, try our grain-free cat treats. Natural cat treats are made with limited ingredients, making them easy to digest and a great snack for your feline friend. Healthy cat treats can be a great way to support a healthy cat's diet. Luckily, Goofy Tails offers a wide variety of cat treats, making it easy to shop and find the best cat treat for your feline companion.

    If you're interested in being your cat's favorite person, browse this collection and stock up on some goodies. Remember to follow the feeding recommendations on the package so you don't overfeed your cat! Shop Goofy Tails for a selection of the best cat treats available and find one your cat will love.

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