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    19 products

    Goofy tails for the best soft dog treats.

    Shop from Goofy tails for the best soft dog treats! If you have a puppy with sensitive teeth, soft and chewy treats are a wonderful option to keep them happy. Goofy Tails treats are gluten-free, soft, grain-free, and high in protein. Get your precious pup wagging his tail with a bag of soft and chewy dog ​​treats from Goofy Tails.
    Soft dog treats are fan favorites even among picky eaters. At Goofy Tails, we have a wide range of soft chews - Chicken and Cod, Fruity Chicken, Chicken Cod and Sushi, Lamb Chips, Chicken Sausage, and Duck with Seaweed.
    Soft and chewy dog ​​treats are a great snack option for older pets who have difficulty with dry food and snacks. Goofy Tails soft chews are delicious, well-balanced, and the perfect treat for your furry friend. Find the best soft and chewy dog ​​treats for your pup at Goofy Tails.

    Chewing as behavior is considered extremely natural for dogs, so it is important to keep this in mind when getting treats for them. Dogs will chew on things, whether it's rugs or shoes - so we might as well give our fur babies something healthy to chew on, like Goofy Tail Soft Chewy Dog Treats, right?
    Dogs who chew more are proven to have less plaque build-up than non-chews by up to 70%. According to the Veterinary Oral Health Council, soft chews that are approved must reduce tartar by at least 10% to receive the seal of approval. Soft chews greatly improve your puppy's oral hygiene and dental health. Soft chews also make a great distraction when you're away from your furry baby for a while. Goofy Tails offers a wide variety of treats such as crunchy dog ​​cookie treats, soft chews, jerky treats, freeze-dried treats, and more, and you should check it out for your fur baby!

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