Dental Chew For Dogs

Dental Chew For Dogs

6 products

6 products

Whether it is fetching the daily newspaper or Playing with his favorite toy, your dog uses his teeth all day every day. Bad oral health and breath can keep you and your dog from the closeness you’ve always enjoyed. Now keep your canine friend’s breath fresh with Goofy Tails. Dental Treat shopping may not be one of your top priorities but it is necessary for your dog’s dental and overall oral health. Our very own Goofy Tails Yak Milk bar treats are safe, healthy, and completely preservative and chemical additive-free. These bars are made in small batches to maintain the quality we promise to our customers. 

Dental Chew for Dogs: Everything you need to know 

A dog's dental care is as important and necessary as his physical health. Since your dog uses his teeth to scratch, pick up, pull, hold, gnaw, hold, and tear, he must receive adequate oral care to keep plaque and bad breath at bay. With the Goofy Tails Dental Chew assortment, it is easy to make your canine’s treat time enjoyable and memorable.

Our experts understand the need to reward your canine companion with treats that are not only delicious but also promote oral care. The range of dental chews including soft chews and dental treats ensures that the rewarding period will be a moment of care and enjoyment for your tail-wagging companion.

By exploring our thoughtfully formulated dental chews, you'll find that they are the ideal combination of nutrition and taste. The wide range of delicious treats at Goofy Tails caters to diverse dog’s preferences and tastes.

Dental Treats: Promote Happy Smiles and Oral Health

With each piece of our dental treatment, dog owners can preserve their dog's happy smile. Well, dental chewing not only helps maintain the bright shine of teeth but also prevents plaque and bacteria from growing in the four-legged mouth. Our exclusive range of specially formulated dental treats are more than just a tasty treat, they also encourage the well-being of your pet's gums and teeth. In essence, the specific formulation and texture help remove tartar and plaque formation, making treatment time a helpful routine for your dog's oral hygiene.

  • Active Dental Bones

The Goofy Tails Premium Type Active Dental Bones range is the perfect crisp care for your dog's smile. They provide adequate dental care that your four-legged friend needs. Without a second thought, check out this collection and keep your dog's teeth clean and free of plaque and halitosis, respectively.

  • Active Dental Sticks ( for both Vegetarians and Nonvegetarians)

At Goofy Tails, we have an array of dog dental treats for dogs who prefer plant-based goodness or who are meat lovers. Well, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian chews are prepared using premium-quality, dog-friendly ingredients that ensure a delicious and nutritious snacking experience.

Soft Chews: Wholesome and Gentle Rewards for Canine Smiles

For four-legged companions who usually love soft, chicken flavours, Goofy Tails dental chews are an excellent pleasure. These treats deliver your furry companion with a satisfying and chewable experience when you're bonding, training, or showing your love to him. As our dental chew collection has a soft texture, it won’t harm your dog's delicate teeth. This makes it ideal for small, medium, and large dogs. Reward your furry friend with a delightful treat that adds a touch of affection to your companionship.

Why choose our dental treats?

  • Quality: Our priority is to use dog-friendly, premium-quality ingredients to ensure your dog gets a desirable taste and proper nutrition.
  • Chewy happiness: Chewable and soft dental treats by Goofy Tails provide a pleasant and gentle treat for pets who prefer eating soft treats.
  • Promote dental care: We aim to promote dog dental care through our dental treats range.
  • Variety for every palate: With an extensive collection of textures and flavors, our dog dental treats cater to pets' diverse preferences, ensuring there is definitely an option for every palate.

With Goofy Tails Dental Chew products, make your furry friend's treat time a period of companionship and love. Don't waste your time, explore now!

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