Active Dental Bones Dog Treats 200g Turkey & Parsley - Large / Pack of 1

a pack of goofy tails active dental bones for dogs and puppies
Best active dental bones for dogs and puppies
Goofy Tails Real Meat and vegetable treats for dogs dental care
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Benefits of dogs dental treats by goofy tails
Beagle dog showing tasty bones for dogs dental health
goofy tails dental treats for dogs and puppies feeding guidelines
a cream color golden retriever dog eating goofy tails dogs dental treats
a packet of goofy tails active dental bones for dogs
Goofy Tails Active Dental Bones Dog Treats 200g Turkey & Parsley

Active Dental Bones Dog Treats 200g Turkey & Parsley - Large / Pack of 1

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Goofy Tails Dental Hygiene Bones provide the dental care that your dog deserves. Help keep your dog's teeth cleaner, reduce plaque and calculus, and fight bad breath with these dental chews. Each dog chew uses your dog's chewing action to loosen and dislodge plaque, helping it break away from teeth.  Turkey provides the protein, which dogs need as their main energy source, and is a great option for dogs with food allergies. Parsley in these dental treats improves your dog’s oral health and boosts immunity as well. Give your pet these gluten-free and grain-free tasty treats daily for cleaner teeth and fresher breath.

  • 100% RAWHIDE FREE:  Keep your dog healthy and safe with active dental dog bones that are 100% rawhide and collagen free. Your dog deserves the real thing, not by-products and imitations.

  • FRESHENS BREATH: Turkey & Parsley dental treats for dogs contains no wheat, corn, or soy and are gluten-free. These bones for dogs to chew dental treats contain parsley, which improves your dog’s breath and is rich with the goodness of turkey which is a great source of energy as well as provides protein to your pet. It is also a good option for dogs with food allergies.

  • REAL MEAT OUTSIDE, VEGETABLE INSIDE: Keep your furry friend healthy and happy with our specially designed bones with the taste of real meat on the outside and the goodness of vegetables inside.

  • DENTAL TREATS FOR DOGS: Goofy Tails dog teeth cleaning treats feature a bone shape and texture that rubs teeth clean, while your dog chews, which helps to reduce plaque and tartar buildup, and freshen breath.

  • HELPS FIGHT PLAQUE & TARTAR: The bone shape of these dog treats abrasively cleans teeth, and helps reduce stains, while the parsley in these treats for dogs not only improves your dog’s breath but also helps to boost immunity.  Rosemary Extract helps to strengthen the digestive system, and the Magnolia bark extract reduces anxiety, and depression and improves mood.

  • GRAIN AND GLUTEN-FREE DOG BONES: These dog treats are made with healthy ingredients and flavours. They are gluten and grain-free, adequate safe for pets who are gluten intolerant. These healthy dog treats are rich in protein and fiber, and easy for pets to digest.

  • SUITABLE FOR ALL DOG BREEDS: These Dog chew treats are suitable for all dog breeds and puppies above 4 months.

  • FEEDING GUIDE: Small (0-10kgs) 1 Treat per day, Medium (10-20kgs) 2 Treats per day, Large (20-40kgs) 3 Treats per day, X-Large (>40kgs) 4 Treats per day

Potato Starch, Powdered Cellulose, Turkey, Magnolia bark extract, Pea Flour, Xylo-oligosaccharide, Yeast cell Wall polysaccharide, Schizzochytrium algae powder, Rosemary Extract, Sodium hexametaphosphate, Glycerin, Parsley.

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