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    6 products

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    Welcome to the Goofy Tails Cat litter collection page! A perfect spot, where we meet the standards of cat maintenance with our exclusive range of Cat Litter Deodorizer, Bentonite Cat Litter, and Paper Cat Litter. This type of range has been created keeping in mind the overall health needs of your feline friend.

    We understand that cleanliness, comfort, and hygiene are very important to your cat. Not only do our formulated cat supplies and litter increase comfort, but they also help improve your cat care routine. Check out our collection of formulated cat litters, offered to meet specific needs and enhance the litter box experience of your beloved pet.

    Cat Litter Deodorizer: Expel bad odors and elevate freshness

    Increase the ambiance of your property and bring your cat's litter box to the next level with the Goofy Tails cat litter deodorizer. Our deodorizer formula is thoughtfully designed to keep foul odors at bay so that the indoor environment remains attractive, pleasant, and clean.

    This odor-free, natural, chemical-free, non-masking, and non-toxic deodorizer just needs to be poured in a small amount on the cat litter to maintain the magic of long-lasting freshness. This formula not only eliminates unpleasant odors but also extends the lifespan of your cat litter. So, what are you waiting for? It makes sense to invest in cat litter deodorizers to maintain consistent freshness.

    Bentonite Cat Litter: Unbeatable Clustering Performance

    Goofy Tails Bentonite Cat Litter has brought an innovation into the world of cat care. Manufactured using natural clay, the bentonite cat litter range imparts excellent clumping power. Enjoy the breeze of scooping as bentonite cat litter forms tight clumps, making your cat's litter box easier to maintain.

    The maximum odor-neutralizing properties of the cat litter range by Goofy Tails ensure that your space remains hygienic and fresh. This ultimately provides immense comfort for both you and your kitty.

    Paper Cat Litter: Effective, Environment-friendly, and Sustainable

    For those cat owners who are environmentally conscious, don't miss the paper cat litter offered by Goofy Tails, which is a guilt-free alternative. Formulated using recycled paper by converting waste paper into absorbent litter pellets, pet cum environment lovers will definitely love this.

    Apart from being eco-friendly, this collection is also very delicate for your pet's delicate paws. The natural and high absorbent power of our paper cat litter effectively locks out odor and moisture, giving you a healthy and clean living space for your pet. Embrace stability with this product, without sacrificing performance.

    Why choose the Goofy Tails Cat Litters Collection?

    Exceptional Quality:

    We stick to high-quality litter so that your pet’s well-being and your home's cleanliness are maintained.

    Reliable Performance:

    Trust our cat litter range for moisture absorption, long-lasting odor control, and thorough cleanliness.

    Ample options:

    Whether you're shopping for bentonite cat litter, paper cat litter, or a cat litter deodorizer, the eco-friendly quality of the paper, and odor-blocking nature of the deodorizer is just what you need.


    Our collection of cat litter is fabricated keeping your and your pet’s convenience in mind. They are easy to maintain, clean, and scoop as well.


    Try the Goofy Tails collection of high-quality cat litter for your cat. Buy our cat litter range and provide your feline companion with the spotless shelter they deserve!

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