Mushroom Cat Tree Post | 2-in-1 Scratch Post and Activity Tree for Cats

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Mushroom Cat Tree Post | 2-in-1 Scratch Post and Activity Tree for Cats

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Equipped with the parts and tools needed to assemble, the Mushroom House Cat Scratch Post can be assembled in minutes without any hassle, and your cat can climb, scratch, and play with his new playmate in seconds. Mushroom cat scratching post can attract the cat's attention, satisfy the cat's desire to sharpen its claws, and most importantly, it can effectively reduce the possibility of the cat scratching the sofa and other furniture.

  • NATURAL SISAL CAT SCRATCHER: The Cat Scratching Post is made of natural sisal ropes and soft granular fabric, which not only help grind off the cat's claws but protect your furniture from damage. the flower shape pad and hanging ball provide a fun relaxing place for kittens.
  • CUTE MUSHROOM DESIGN: The mushroom-like appearance easily attracts cats' attention and stimulates their curiosity to play and climb on their own. This is not only a kitty toy but also a cute decoration for your home. Satisfy your kitten's natural scratching while keeping your kitten from damaging carpets, curtains, and furniture.
  • KEEP YOUR CAT HAPPY: Cats need companions too, and this kitten scratching post is a great interactive toy for cats when they are alone. The hanging ball exercises the kitty's catching skills and the artificial grass gives cats a taste of nature. The scratching post helps cats remove dead skin from the outer layer of their paws and stretch their bodies, flexing their feet and paws. When nature is released, happiness and health accompany their growth.
  • 2 HEIGHTS CAT SCRATCHING POST: The scratching post is designed with 2 heights to meet the different climbing needs of cats, an sm-lower post and a taller post. The taller post is 38 Cm in height and has a 30.48Cm round base covered with fake grass to simulate a green lawn. Suitable for indoor cats or kittens ≤5kg.
  • EASY INSTRUCTIONS: All tools are included and the Mushroom House Cat Scratching Post post can be assembled in minutes without any hassle. If you need any help, just feel

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