An Essentials list for First Time Cat Owners by GoofyTails

Preparing for a new cat  / kitten can easily resemble preparing for a baby as there are so many things to prepare and think about. How do we make sure they’re kept healthy & safest at your home? What do we need to make sure they’re happy and don’t get bored and lonely? If you’re getting ready to bring home a new cat 1 or kitten, be sure to check off the items on this list.

Litter Box & Litter

Indoor or outdoor cats, however you are planning. You will need  a cat litter box with suitable litter is necessary to make sure your new cat has somewhere safe to use the bathroom inside. In fact,  We also recommended having one litter box extra for your cat in your home.

Food & Water

Cats drink more water if it is flowing. It is in their DNA. Hence, it helps increase water intake.

Goofy Tails Pet water Fountain has many important characteristics that makes it a great fountain, it also includes a bonus Dental Care feature to help improve your cat’s dental health. You might forget that your cat’s dental health, However, it is very important and this water fountain for your cat or kittens is really helpful.

Cat H2O features many aspects that make a great fountain, it also includes a bonus Dental Care feature to help improve your dog’s dental health.

Key Benefits Goofy Tails Cat water fountain filter:

  • Running water entices your furry friend to drink more.
  • The self-skimming feature keeps drinking areas clear of debris for your paw-tner.
  • Oversized activated carbon filters remove chemicals from water.
  • Dental Care Tablet installs in the water spout to help eliminate buildup on your companion’s teeth.

It is also very important to decide which kind of cat food you would like to feed to your cat. Consult your vet or fellow cat owners in your network before adding multiple food items in your cart.  If you are planning to adopt an older kitty then try to find out what she is currently eating so you can do the transition to your preferred food brand slowly to avoid gastric upset.

Kennel Kitchen Hearty Broths have been slow-cooked and simmered in a succulent broth of fresh chicken. We use the best quality chicken for cats and kittens. Our limited ingredient recipe contains only Fresh Chicken and Chicken Broth. A delight for cats of all ages. Made with love from our kitchen to yours.

Key Benefits Kennel Kitchen Cat Food:

  • Leading levels of fresh chicken
  • Preservative Free
  • No artificial flavours or colours
  • Limited Ingredients
  • Suitable for both Adult cats and kittens

Cozy & Warm Bed

Cats really enjoy somewhere warm and comfortable to sleep. Cats usually spend the time of their day by sleeping. It is important to make sure they’ve got somewhere cozy & nice to enjoy. You might also realize that no matter how many cat beds you get sometimes your cat would like to sleep on your couch.

Fun & Safe Toys

There are so many different types of cat toys to choose from, it’s a good idea to get a little of each until you know what your new cat likes best. Make sure that you never  leave your cat unsupervised with anything that can break down into small pieces or can go inside the mouth, as the cat can easily choke. Check out some of the safe, fun cat toys options in the Goofy Tails online store.

Check out the collapsible cat play tunnel:

Collapsible tunnel for compact storage and travel: this tunnel can be easily folded down and stored when not in use. Convenient and easy to take anywhere with your to remove your pet’s boredom.

Catnip / Scratcher

Cat Scratcher with Catnip Pawise is a distinctive scratcher made from recyclable material with grooves to facilitate catnip placement, thus preventing the cat from damaging furniture. The cat can not resist the unique scratch friendly surface of the cardboard, and will scratch it, this act gives you a sense of pleasure and satisfaction.

Cats scratch furniture items and posts because they need a way to naturally stretch their body and filing down their nails. If your cat \ kitten has somewhere appropriate to file the nails, he or she won’t need to use your furniture. Must-have Cat play box | Cat scratcher from Goofy Tails to train your furry friend away from sofa, carpet and any other furniture

Brush & Nail Clippers

Even short coated cats enjoy a little brushing, so getting a nice brush to help your cat feel well groomed and cared for is important. While a scratching post will help file nails, they should be cut with appropriate cat clippers by your vet or yourself ( consult your vet first)  to make sure they don’t get too long and uncomfortable for your cat to move around.

Pet Carrier

A pet carrier is important not only to bring your cat home for the first time, but because you’ll need to use it should you travel anywhere else. Think of a den, a calm & cozy place for your cat. Think of the carriers / boxes  as dens for new cat \ kittens that might not feel comfortable sleeping around their new family.

A Veterinarian You Trust

Research. Consult & take necessary action.

Establish a good relationship with a veterinarian before you bring in a cat. If you are adopting an older or senior cat, yearly check-ups should be done to ensure he stays happy and healthy for years to come.

Somewhere easy to Climb

While many of us do not have  the room or extra money for a huge cat tree, your new cat will feel more comfortable if she has somewhere high to climb. Cats enjoy climbing to look around their surroundings as it makes them feel safe and less vulnerable. Even setting up a higher place your cat can climb on your own household furniture without fear of knocking anything down could benefit your cat \ kitten.

Microchip and/or Collar with ID Tag

To make sure that your kitten will have proper identification is important, because without it there’s a chance he’ll never make it home if he gets out of the house. Well, a collar and ID chip is the most obvious form of identification, permanent microchips are also becoming more popular.

Hope you have a wonderful time bringing home a new cat \ kitten or adopting an older one.

Let us know your suggestions in the comments below. Also, if you would like to add to the list based on your cat experience.

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