6 Litre Cat H2O Micro USB Powered Water Fountain (Blue/Grey)

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Automatic water fountain (7563998888086)
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Cordless Water Fountain (7563998888086)
Water Fountain for cats (7563998888086)
Goofy Tails 6 Litre Cat H2O Micro USB Powered Water Fountain (Blue/Grey)
Goofy Tails 6 Litre Cat H2O Micro USB Powered Water Fountain (Blue/Grey)
Goofy Tails 6 Litre Cat H2O Micro USB Powered Water Fountain (Blue/Grey)

6 Litre Cat H2O Micro USB Powered Water Fountain (Blue/Grey)

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Cats H2O Come With a specially designed Calcium Dental tablet that adds dental ingredients to your cat's water. Dental Care will slowly dissolve in the drinking water and release ingredients that will help protect against plaque & tartar build-up, leading to healthier gums and fighting “Cats breath”. Dental Care also includes a calcium supplement for stronger teeth. If your cat has a choice, it will prefer to drink running water as its instinct tells them that running water is clean! As a bonus, running water is more oxygenated and creates a perfect way for your cat to drink more water, a key to better health Key Benefits you can make it a Cordless and portable pet fountain ideal to keep both dogs and cats hydrated. But we recommend using it on a Micro USB. The running water entices your furry friend to drink more. The self-skimming feature keeps drinking areas clear of debris for your paw-tner. An oversized activated carbon filter removes chemicals from water. Dental Care Tablet installs in the water spout to help eliminate buildup on your companion’s teeth. What's Included Lower Bowl, Upper Bowl, Water Spout, Battery Box with the power button, water softening Activated Carbon Filters, Dental Care Tablets with Silicone Sleeves, and Instruction Booklet with a Quick Start guide

  • MICRO USB POWERED CAT FOUNTAIN: Goofy Tails cat water fountain is powered by micro USB, or you can make it cordless as well but we suggest you to use it on Micro USB. It has a programmed timer button that regularly filters ( Click once: 2Min every 90Min, Double click: 45Min) & aerates water to minimize saliva buildup on the water surface.
  • LARGE DRINKING AREA CAT WATER FOUNTAIN FILTER: This Automatic cat water fountain. Upgrade from that dirty cat dish and get this unique cordless water fountain for cats and kittens, which keeps the water aerated and clean for your furry baby at regular intervals.
  • DENTAL CARE TABLETS & FILTER PADS: The package Includes 3 tablets of dental care. Dental Care supports healthier gums & helps fight “Cats breath”. It also includes 3 water softening Filter pads that remove water hardness from your pet’s water.
  • BPA FREE: Dishwasher friendly, disassemble in seconds without tools. Food grade & BPA-free materials are used to ensure pure water.
  • SILENT PET FOUNTAIN: Super quiet pump system powered by USB powered (mini USB plug), Or You can make it Cordless by using by 4 x “D" Size batteries (not included). We recommend using high-power batteries, once connected the fountain runs continuously. (micro USB cable Included & USB adaptor not included).
  • WARRANTY - 6 months limited warranty. The pump can be replaced if faulty within 6 months. Register warranty - https://warranty.goofytails.com/ 

Q. My pet is not drinking from the fountain

A. Your pet may need a little bit more time to adjust to drinking from a fountain, once they get started, they will love it.

Q. Is the filter the same size for both Cat H2O & Dog H2O?
A. Yes, the filters are the same for all our fountains

Q. Seeing some carbon dust in the fountain
A. The activated carbon may have some carbon dust, this is not harmful to pets. Rinse your bowl and filter pad to remove excess carbon dust. Consider socking the filter pad under water for 2 minutes before use.  

Q. Can the filter be washed in a dishwasher?
A. No, because activated carbon from the filter will adsorb cleaning chemicals and cannot be rinsed off. Just change the filter pad & also DO NOT put the pump in the dishwasher. 

Q. What are the ingredients used in Dental Care tablets?
A. Dental Care tablet contains Glucose Oxidase, an enzyme that is scientifically proven to react with glucose, forming a cleaning agent. It simply helps keep your pet's teeth clean. Ingredients: Water deionized, dental plaster, glucoses oxidase enzyme, potassium sorbate. For pets with allergy or medical condition, consult veterinary before use. 

Q. Water from the pump is weaker than before & with some air bubbles
A. This is a sign of "low water level", fill water to "Max" indicator of the lower bowl. If water is full and flow remains low, check strainer under the pump to remove hair or debris and clean the inside of the pump as well. Refer to Pump cleaning video below. 

To keep your Dog H2O clean and working smoothly, we recommend cleaning the fountain weekly. Maintenance steps can be found in the instruction booklet.
We also recommend to clean the inside of the water pump monthly as excess hair and debris can be caught at the impeller assembly affecting pump performance.

Q. How to set up the water fountain? 
A. Please click on the video for refrence:

Q. Pump does not even start
A. Make sure the plug is connected & water is filled to "Max" on the lower bowl for initial start. Or try to unplugging and plugging the unit to restart the pump. Always make sure your hands are dry. If it still doesn't work, refer to pump cleaning Video Link: https://youtu.be/SoG45es79t8 

Q. How to Claim Pump Warranty?
Register warranty on https://warranty.goofytails.com/
6 months limited warranty. Physical damage or electrical surge / burn due to faulty Electricals will not be entertained.
We normally replace pumps if damaged.


Always ensure water is above minimum level ( there is an indicator)
Cleaning pump weekly is recommended

Watch Video: 


Pump can be purchase from link Replacement Filter Pump

Filter Pads
Carbon filter pads to be cleaned every 3 days
Replacement every 15-30 days depending on water quality and consumption.
Purchase of Pads can be done via link Filter Pads

Dental Tablets
Oral dental tablets help in providing calcium rich water. Tablets should be replaced within 15-30 days depending on water quality and consumption. 
Purchase of tablets can be done via link Dental TABS

Spares and Repurchase 
Spare parts can be purchased from the following link

  • Non returnable unless damaged during transit or defective. Photos and proofs to be shared immediately within 24 hours of receipt with customer care team
  • Exchange against size possible after communicating with our customer care team
  • Our customer care email is care@goofytails.com and WhatsApp is 9310366145. We will respond within 24 hours of receipt
  • If Pump is defective, only pump will be replaced

1. Shipped PAN India via Air *
* excludes non serviceable remote pin-codes

2. Delivery Time
- Delhi / NCR: 24-48 hours
**Other cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Nagpur , Pune, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Chandigarh and cities nearby : we aim to deliver within 3-5 Days

3. Shipping Charges
Order Value above INR 700; Shipping Charges INR 25
Order Value less than INR 700; Shipping Charges INR 75

4. Order Delays
Delays can happen in events of rains , festival days and unforeseen situations** Certain PIN Codes are not covered. Company will update if not serviceable.

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