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Our meals are cooked in a hygienic kitchen. Our kitchen hygienic and standardized as we can also cook a meal for humans.


Feel free to chat with us or even our chef and we will answer all your queries before you make the shift to Goofy Fresh

Delivered across India

No more shopping for your doggo and buying unbalanced high grain food. We keep delivering and ensuring food for your doggo. Hassle-free Pet Parenting!


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Fresh veg food for dogs (7168206176406)
wet dog food (7168206176406)
Veggies and Sweet Potato Fresh Food for Dogs and Puppies - Pack of 1
from ₹225.00
Bone Broth for cats (7643206451350)
Cat Bone Broth (7643206451350)
Goofy Fresh Chicken Bone Broth for Cats and Kittens - Pack of 5
from ₹440.00 Regular price ₹550.00 Save 20%
Dog Food (7330350956694)
Food for Dogs (7330350956694)
Tester Pack- 200g Chicken Quinoa+ 200g Lamb Pumpkin+ 100ml Bone Broth
Sale price ₹497.25 Regular price ₹585.00 Save 15%
Dog Food (7331311124630)
Food For Dogs (7331311124630)
4 Tester Pack Wet Food Combo for Dogs and Puppies - 800g (200g x 4)
Sale price ₹786.25 Regular price ₹925.00 Save 15%
Goofy Fresh 4 Tester Pack of Ready-to- Eat Meal + Bone Broth (7331321774230)
Wet Dog Food
4 Tester Pack of Ready-to- Eat Meal 800g (200g x 4) +100ml Bone Broth
Sale price ₹879.75 Regular price ₹1,035.00 Save 15%


Fresh yet easy on the pocket vs preservative and high grain packaged food

Made in Kitchen suited to cook and serve food to humans

No artificial ingredients and preservatives, high nutrition

Ready to eat, hassle free meals. Freeze, Warm and Serve

From our customers


Special Goofybox! Curated According to dogos age, breed and Size😘😍 And Trust me your Doggo gonna love these treats❤️

The best thing is that with each goofybox the #Goofystraycare Vaccinates 2 Stray Dogs😍

Jaisleen Kaur
Los Angeles, CA

@goofytailsindia makes some of the best toys for little puppers like myself. Thanks guyz!! Wlove wlove

Los Angeles, CA

I got my first Goofy Box🥳🥳
He loved it so much and is enjoying everything in the box.
The box contained - Treats A Bandana and Toys❤️❤️❤️❤️
Thank you @goofytailsindia for such a lovely box💕❤
-With Love Shaggy

Los Angeles, CA