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    10 products
    Bone Broth (7490326167702)
    Bone Broth Chicken (7490326167702)
    Combo Bone Broth for Dogs and Puppies-300ml (100ml X 3)
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    Bone Broth for cats (7643206451350)
    Bone Broth for Cats (Value Pack 9+1) - Chicken
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    Lamb Bone Broth (7490293498006)
    Bone Broth for Dogs and Puppies (Value Pack 9+1) - Chicken
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    Help support your dog's strong muscles with a Goofy Tails Superfood gravy daily food topper. This premium dog food topper pack features high-quality ingredients, including real chicken liver, Pumpkin, Bone broth, whole eggs, eggshell powder, Flax seeds, coconut oil, and spinach. Our high-quality dog food recipes also feature wholesome, real ingredients No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives are added to the food topper. These are the best dog food mixers for your dogs. These adult dog food recipes include essential vitamins and minerals to support your dog's whole-body health. Serve the dog meal topper recipes alone as tasty meals, or mix them with kibble as wet dog food toppings. Providing 100 percent complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs.

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