Antibacterial Lavender and Aloe Vera Grooming Pet Wipes For Dogs, Cats and Puppies - 100 Wipes

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Antibacterial Lavender and Aloe Vera Grooming Pet Wipes For Dogs, Cats and Puppies - 100 Wipes

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Goofy Tails presents Lavender Wipes designed to clean, deodorize and disinfect pets and their surrounding areas with one quick wipe. Our pet wipes help to reduce the unpleasant odors associated with sensitive areas. These are specially designed to assist in cleaning the paws, body hygiene areas, and pet areas. Our wipes are antibacterial and anti-fungal and formulated for pets, for effectively killing bacteria, fungi, and viruses.  These wipes are great for cleaning other parts of the body and for general hygiene of your pet's rear. Unlike ordinary wipes, these wipes are gentle enough for daily use on sensitive areas but strong enough to clean and deodorize difficult odors and mess, plus they support a healthy coat and skin. 

  • LAVENDER WIPES: These grooming wipes are favorite for groomers and veterinarians that want to keep your pets clean and fresh without having to give them a bath.
  • BEST CLEANSING WIPES: Goofy Tails wipes for dogs and cats can be used to remove dirt, dander, odor, and excess hair from the skin and coat, including hard-to-reach areas like pads, skin folds, and armpits. Our alcohol-free formula allows for quick and easy touch-ups and our wipes are large enough to work well on small or large dogs alike
  • CALMING SCENT: lavender oil, Vitamin E and cucumber extract work together to help calm your fur baby, relieve stress and anxiety, and soothe itchiness
  • SOOTHING BENEFITS: Our grooming wipes are made with soothing benefits from Lavender that will help sensitive and irritated skin while making your pet feel clean and fresh.
  • EXTRA SOFT CLEANING WIPES: These wipes help to keep your pet clean and fresh with a gentle and soft texture and are the excellent solution to keep your pet smelling good and clean in between baths.
  • BEST QUALITY:  Goofy Tails dedication to pets' well-being ensures the quality of the products. We are constantly researching suitable products and ingredients for pets. Every product is made with love and care to help your beloved friends have a healthy mind in a furry body.

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