Why do cats love to snuggle in Cozy places?

There’s nothing better than cat cuddles! So, why do some kitties love to get snuggly while others hate it?

You might have seen super cute social media pictures of cats enjoying cuddles with their humans or in their cat tunnel, cat bed or cat cave.

Let’s dig into the science behind cat cozy cuddles & comfy zones.

How and why do cats cuddle?

When your kitty cuddles, they are carrying out their childhood behaviour as kittens. Back then, snuggling with mom would provide a kitten with warmth and a sense of security.  So when your kitty decides to cozy next to you while you’re snoozing in bed, she’s cuddling with you to feel safe and warm.

Well, snuggles are warm, safe and healthy. And your kitty knows it! Here are two main reasons why snuggling has to be one of the top priorities for every cat.

  1. Cats snuggle for warmth. You might have noticed that your cat continually seeks for warmer places to nap at. This is because maintaining the body temperature is very important and requires energy, and your cat requires efficient ways to stay warm. A small patch of sunlight on the bed and the keyboard of your laptop are both great, but nothing beats snuggling up against another hooman or a  furry friend! Cats also snuggle for safety and protection.
  2. They're trying to bond with you. In the cat world, snuggle time is bonding time. Your cat needs you for warmth, food and shelter. Your cat's snuggles, headbutts and purrs are all tokens of appreciation and affection

Thus, sometimes, cats simply snuggle against you for more bonding. This feels so precious and we crave it even more than the kitty does! It's important to provide your pet with lots of love and attention, So,  cuddling is a perfect way to do so.

What if your cat hates cuddles?

Well, some felines just do not enjoy cat cuddles. This may be a result of a lack of proper socialization, especially not being handled regularly during kitten days. It could be due to a bad experience when they were a kitten and being held with some noise or something that scared your cat. You can provide your cat with plush cat beds, cat tent, tunnels and caves to keep her warm and happy.


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