When You Travel With Your Doggo - Ensure the following

The only bad part of going on a trip is when you have to look at your dog and say bye, even if it is for a couple of hours. However, with a number of dog-friendly properties popping up around the country, you can now plan your holiday with your best friend. Travelling with a dog can be a harrowing experience or it can be a lot of fun. It all depends on your preparation, especially if it’s your dog’s first trip. Buy dog cages online of course, but that really isn’t all you have to do:

A runaway dog is never easy to deal with and it’s ten times worse if he runs away when you’re in an unknown place, on the way to your destination. You cannot keep your puppy in dog cages for the entire trip, you both will need breaks. So, be very vigilant and at the very least make sure that they are wearing their ID tags with all your details on it. It isn’t necessary that your dog will run away, but why even take a chance. 


The Supplies

When you and your puppy are on the road, you cannot just get up and leave on a whim. Even if you do, your dog still needs ample supplies.

  • Food, Water, and Bowls: Pack enough food for the whole trip. New food and motion sickness are not the best combination and definitely not something you want to deal with. So make sure you choose some familiar food. Water is another important thing, plus, don’t forget the bowls.
  • Blankets and dog cages: If your dog isn’t much used to traveling by car, you can buy dog cages online and alternate carrying the dog in the car and the cage, depending on his mood. Also, make sure you carry their blanket and bedding, to make sure they are comfortable.
  • Washcloths: Breaks for getting out and stretching your legs will happen and when they do, you would not want muddy paws in your car. Have some washcloths ready for any wiping needs. 

The importance of a cage or crate

While dogs love hanging their heads out of windows, it might not be that great an idea for longer trips. It wouldn’t be hard for them to get hurt. As long as your dog’s size allows it, you could choose a crate or cage to carry them. Make sure the dog cage is well ventilated and strong. It should be big enough for your dog to be comfortable, but not too big that your dog starts sliding around. Another important aspect is that you should be able to fasten the cage, because a crate in the loose is much worse than a dog on the loose. For bigger dogs, you can also opt for harnesses that attach to seat belts or for barriers.




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Taking Breaks

Remember that your dog is not well versed with long travels and travelling without breaks can make them restless and anxious. Take enough breaks. Not only does it help stretch your legs, your dog can also get rid of any pent up energy.

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