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    Pet Travel, Crates, and Carriers

    Traveling with a feline friend doesn't have to be an ordeal. Whether you're going on a long drive or a cross-country flight, your cuddly kitty deserves to travel in comfort. Goofy Tails is here to make traveling with your pet fun again with useful cat travel accessories such as cat litter boxes, cat kennels, and crates, cat strollers, cat calming aids, travel cat food bowls, accessories in the car for cats, and more. Cat carriers come in all shapes and sizes, but when choosing a travel cat carrier, it's important to put comfort first. Just as you don't appreciate cramped legroom in a stroller, your kitty wouldn't like a cramped pet carrier. The Goofy Tails Flow Pet Carrier has a sturdy steel frame with mesh sides so your pets have plenty of ventilation and can see what's going on around them. For nervous pets, there are blinds that can be pulled down to keep them calm. When not in use, the bag can be folded for convenient storage. Including a zipped pocket and removable storage bag, perfect for keeping your pet's favorite treats and toys close at hand. A folding crate that folds in 20 seconds. Odor and stain resistant, including a soft cushion inside. Practical handle, three openings, and two pockets. Ideal for show dogs/cats and traveling in the car. This classic design will be the envy of other parents.

    Pet parents know that one of the most admirable things about their favorite cats is their fierce independence. Cats have a reputation for doing what they want and when they want, but there are plenty of ways to create boundaries for your feline pets. A cat containment system that works with your cat—not against it—can help keep your cat happy and your home stress-free.

    No two cats have identical personalities and the same needs, and the lifestyle of their parents also influences which system works best for a given household. Most cat homes will often need some type of cat containment system - whether it's a simple cat carrier for trips to the vet, a cat carrier for walks around the neighborhood, or a cat door that allows your cat to come and go without allowing larger animals to enter. At Goofy Tails, you can find your ideal cat litter box among our wide range of supplies, accessories, and products for cats and kittens.

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