What is Recycled Paper Cat Litter?

Paper cat litter is perhaps the most easily available type of natural cat litter available in the market. This type of cat litter is made from recycled paper and is, on the whole, good for the environment. There are two common shapes of paper cat litter: the shredded and the pellet form.

Why Paper Cat Litter?

Paper Based cat litter will strongly appeal to discerning pet owners looking for safer, healthier, more natural and earth-friendlier litter for their cats. There are many different types of cat litters in the marketplace and common ones are those made from clay, minerals, and silica crystals. Paper-based cat litters are now gaining increasing popularity. Cat owners appreciate the numerous benefits of paper litter including its effectiveness in controlling unpleasant odour inside a cat litter box, compared to other traditional litters.

Paper Pellets Cat Litter

Paper pellets are slender-looking, tiny cylindrical forms of recycled paper. Compared to shredded paper litter, they look more uniform and feel more solid.

So, in terms of absorption, pellet forms of paper litter can perform better. They can absorb more urine compared to the thin and irregularly-shaped shredded type.

Eventually, paper pellet cat litter has more potential in reducing the smell coming from your kitty’s litter box.

Paper cat litter is generally found in pellet format and you’ll often find this type of cat litter used in veterinary offices and cat boarding facilities. That’s because the paper used here is a good texture without being too finely grained and thus its better for use on injured cats and those who have been declawed. The larger pellets also mean that there is zero dust either when filling in the litter box or during the general use of it by your cat. This aspect of having no dust makes it an ideal choice for those cats with eye, respiratory, or urinary tract infections. It’s also quite possibly an economical option in cat supplies section in your pet shop.

Shredded Cat Litter

One of the easiest materials to use in the cat litter tray is plain newspaper. One can use shredded paper and sprinkle some baking soda and water and knead it into a paste and place in a cardboard cat litter tray.

Upon contact with liquids, the capillary activity works rapidly to draw in any fluids deep inside the paper fibres forming a natural barrier against odor. This unique pore action is highly effective in controlling bad odours’ naturally safe litter made from recycled newspaper using a proprietary process that converts the waste paper into pellets of highly absorbent litter. Upon contact with liquids, capillary activity works rapidly to draw in any fluids deep inside the paper fibres forming a natural barrier against odour

How often do you change the paper litter?

We suggest a weekly replacement of the litter.

Yes, it has to be more frequent than when using other types of litter. If you leave it for a longer time, it would just be too stinky. Paper litter absorbs your kitty’s waste at the bottom of the cat litter tray. So, you have to avoid filling the litter box with too much litter — just 2 inches will do.

This allows you to save as much paper litter, but it also requires you to change the entire litter box contents more frequently. In addition, you have to scoop the solid wastes daily.

How to switch to recycled paper cat litter?

If you want to switch from paper litter to silicon or clay litter then there is only one golden rule- don’t let your cat know that!

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