What is Hemp Oil and its benefits for cats and dogs

What Is Hemp Seed Oil?

Hemp oil is made from the seeds of the hemp plant. Cold pressing is the method used to extract the oil, identical to how olives are cold pressed to produce olive oil.


Hemp oil


Hemp oil and cannabidiol oil are most often misunderstood because they are extracted from the same plant. But hemp oil is made from hemp seeds, while cannabidiol oil is extracted from its leaves and stems. In addition, hemp oil has more advanced healing properties than the other. From a nutritional point of view, hemp and its derivatives are rich in vitamins, essential minerals, polyunsaturated fats and proteins. High nutrient density hemp oil is full of antioxidants and minerals. Together, Omega 3 and Omega 6 have anti-inflammatory properties – they work both internally and externally, protecting the health of the skin, joints, heart and brain. Vitamin E helps with skin conditions along with the anti-inflammatory properties of Omega 3 and 6. Omega 3 and magnesium help calm anxiety. The combination of the above along with linoleic acid, good fats and other minerals aid digestion, boost immunity and improve energy levels.


What’s the Difference between Hemp Oil and Hemp Seed Oil?

First of all, both hemp seed oil and hemp oil (better known as CBD oil) are 2 products from the same plant species, Cannabis sativa. But hemp seed oil and hemp oil come from different parts of the plant… and each has completely different properties.

  • Hemp oil (or CBD oil) is also known as full spectrum hemp oil or broad spectrum hemp oil. It is obtained from the entire cannabis plant, including stems, leaves and flowers. Hemp oil for dogs can help manage a number of medical conditions, including cancer, pain and seizures.
  • Hemp seed oil is produced only from the seeds of the plant. The benefits of hemp seed oil come from its nutritional content ... so much so that it is even used in cooking.


Benefits of Hemp Oil for Dogs & Cats


Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs & Cats

All the dog and cat parents out there are looking for the perfect medicine that will solve their problems and not cause any more complications in their system. This is where the science of Ayurveda meets the needs of the present generation in the form of hemp seed oil. 

Here are 10 amazing benefits to use active hemp oil on your dog and cat. The range of holistic benefits that stem from hemp seed oil is endless.

  • Diet - Hemp seeds provide pets with a near-perfect 3:1 ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids, making it one of the most natural, balanced ways to add Omegas to their diet! 
  • Anxiety prevention - Many veterinarians recommend hemp seed oil for pets with anxiety. If your pet is anxious, Goofy Tails Hemp Seed Oil is a boon for pet owners who want their pet to be stress and anxiety free.

  • Sleep - The soothing properties of active hemp seed oil can help the quality and duration of sleep for pets. Before they go to sleep, rub a few drops on their chest and a drop on each corner of their bed to help them sleep better.

  • Immune system - Active hemp seed oil supports the immune system and supports organ and heart health. It contains the minerals zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamins, and a number of amazing antioxidants. We recommend adding Goofy Tails Hemp Seed Oil to your pet's diet to support a healthy and happy immune system.

  • Bloodstream - Active hemp seed oil can help your pet's circulation and cognitive thinking. Add a few drops of Goofy Tails Hemp Seed Oil to your dog or cat food to help with blood circulation.

  • Skin - The benefits contained in active hemp seed oil in relation to the skin and coat of your pets are somewhat miraculous. The oil helps soothe itchy dog ​​skin such as dry nose and itchy paws. Goofy Tails Hemp Seed oil can be directly applied to your pet’s fur and skin or added to their diet.

  • Joints - Hemp seed oil is a great aid in canine joint care and is commonly used in many dog ​​treats and supplements.

  • Stress - There are many reasons why your pet may be stressed. The main causes are loneliness and travel. Knowing what's best to calm your pet in these situations is hard. Choosing active hemp seed oil as a stress reliever is a natural and safe way to calm your pet, sometimes instantly with the right application. We recommend either adding the oil to their food or directly applying some to their chest for stress relief.

  • Soothing - Hemp seed oil is naturally relaxing for dogs.
  • Intestine - Research suggests that hemp oil or cbd oil is a great ingredient for excellent gut maintenance for your pets. Active hemp seed oil offers amazing results.

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