Petting Advice for Pug Parents

Pug is the largest toy dog breed. While it is a great experience to be pet parents to pug, there are several aspects about the Pug that require special attention and care: This is a brachycephalic breed (short nose with compressed breathing passage) with a chubby barrel kind of body. Therefore there are some care tips that pug parents need to follow. Pugs need regular exercise and a healthy diet. This breed needs regular grooming and bath as their skin is prone to infections.

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Replace your Dogleash with harness- Pugs are prone to breathing issues because of their narrowed nostrils. The collar and leash exert pressure on the trachea of the dog and can cause a gagging reflex. Pug parents should always use a harness to displace tension over the shoulders, back and chest, leaving the neck free. Pugs are an indoor breed and find it difficult to tolerate high heat and humidity. One has to be careful if the dog is seen breathing heavily outdoors.

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Get a ph balance shampoo- The cuddly skin of your pug can be host to various mites and insects. Since this breed is prone to skin infections they need a bath once every three weeks, even if they don’t appear dirt. Only a Ph balance shampoo should be used because pugs are prone to Cheyletiella Dermatitis or walking dandruff. Regular brushing on the skin and wiping the area between the folds with a moisturising wipe is a must. Wipe the wrinkles at least once a day by opening each fold and wiping it with a grooming wipe.

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Always keep filtered water in the pet bowl- It is important for this breed to stay hydrated whether it is humid summers or dry winters. Pugs need up to 2 ouches of water per pound of body weight per day but the regular tap water (unfiltered) can be unsafe for the pet if given for a prolonged time. Clean filtered water saves your pet of many gut related issues.

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Use Dental care products- Since Pugs are a brachycephalic breed, they are prone to tooth decay, so that means that if you have a Pug you need to pay particular attention to keeping your dog's teeth clean and healthy. A build-up of plaque, which eats away at tooth enamel and can travel under the gum line, can lead to terribly painful infections, tooth loss and more.

Pugs need dental cleaning with a canine toothbrush and fluoride free canine tooth paste. Pet parents can use a pet mouthwash if the dog finds it difficult to brush. Regular dental treats should also be given to. This breed also needs regular dental check-ups by a vet and in case of tooth decay or plaque; professional tooth cleaning under mild sedation is required.

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Keep their separation anxiety low with playful toys- Pugs love friendly company of their owners. They are family dogs and sadly they suffer from separation anxiety, if left alone in the house for long hours. Interactive playful toys that respond are best for young pugs. There are lots of effective toys that can help your Pug in a number of ways and it's always better to have just a few that do their job than a ton that are ignored.

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Offer a supportive bed- Pugs tend to snore and may have sleep related breathing issue. The bed should always have bolstered cushion to keep the head elevated so that the neck gets enough support. The Pug is prone to certain issues related to the joints, bones, and ligaments including hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and Legg-Calve-Perthes. In addition to this, all dogs age 8-years and up suffer from some level of osteoarthritis and this is more common with breeds that have the aforementioned issues.  The bed should have at least 2 inch foam base with orthopedic memory foam.

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Use right kind of bowl- Pugs are prone to bloat, a dangerous and potentially fatal twisting of the stomach. Raised bowls are a contributing factor, as well as eating or drinking too fast or too close to a bout of exercise. For this reason, place food and water in floor-level bowls. If your Pug tends to gulp down his food or water quickly, use a slow-feeder bowl. One should prefer stainless steel bowls since plastic can cause allergies and the coloured dye used can be fatal to dogs.

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