It’s time you got the right toy for your aggressive chewing dog

Finding the right toy for heavy duty aggressive chewers 

How often have we pet parents been berated by a concerned party about how we spoil our dogs with too many toys. Well, what many don’t understand is that toys for our doggos are not just a luxury item but a necessity. More and more experts say that different kinds of toys are important for a healthy lifestyle of a dog. Toys keep them distracted and stimulated and in turn provide them with an overall healthy lifestyle.

Now, of course different dogs have different needs and some of the bigger dogs are extremely heavy chewers and tend to destroy a lot of toys in no time. This can even be dangerous for them as the smaller part of a toy may get lodged in their throats. That is why it is important to select toys very carefully. No worries, we are here to guide you through a few toys that are most suitable if you have a doggo that will chew through anything in minutes (seconds!!!).

Of course, the most essential and almost cliched toy that every four legged fur baby should have is a ball to play fetch. It is easy to get a tennis ball but heavy chewers, if left alone with a tennis ball, can tear it apart in minutes. Firstly, that is dangerous, and surprisingly, chomping on a tennis ball is not the best for a dog’s teeth. Instead it is best to go for something like the Goofy Tails Monster Treat Dispensing Toy.

  Goofy Monster Treat Release Float and Fetch Toy

It has multiple purposes. Firstly, it acts as a ball and is made with non-toxic one of a kind material that is almost indestructible. Its unique shape also gives it a really high bounce. Unlike a tennis ball, it floats in water and even glows in the dark. So say goodbye to all those nights when you stub your toe looking for a ball just to keep your doggo busy. Rest assured, you will find this one in the darkest of rooms.

The best thing that I like about this is that not only is it a ball, it is actually a treat dispensing toy. So, it is a puzzle for your dog which helps him use his grey matter as he looks for his treat. Safe to say, it is a must have especially because all the chewing also promotes good dental health and is gentle on the teeth.

Choosing the right toy is tougher for our heavy chewers. Generally speaking, there are a few materials that we should completely try and avoid even if the toys seem super cute and fun because heavy chewers will chew right through them and in turn increase the chances of harming themselves.
For example, squeaky toys are just too easy to tear — even the ‘indestructible’ ones.

I have seen my Indie tear apart an indestructible squeaky toy in less than two minutes as he tried to find the source of the sound.

Keep away from anything that is made with latex or fleece as these are simply not durable for heavy chewers. Now, I initially went with edible bone treats but soon realized that my dog could get through a big one in 10 minutes. This was adding to unnecessary calories. So the best alternative turns out is Yak Milk  Cheese — it is a naturally processed cheese that is hard and can keep a heavy chewer busy for quite a long time, but at the same time not too hard to harm their teeth.

Goofy Yak Milk Bar

In fact, the natural calcium is good for gums and overall dental care. The best thing is that it is natural and doesn’t have preservatives. It adds to the nutrition rather than piling on unnecessary calories.

The main aim of treats and toys is to promote a healthy growth in a big dog and control any signs of aggressive behaviour. Also important is to come back home and find all your shoes/furniture safe. Chewing is natural and even more so for big dogs. This is why we give them treats. In the long run, we cannot keep giving our aggressive chewers a treat all the time — it will send the wrong message and won’t be so friendly to the pocket. This is where a good chew toy comes into the picture. Unfortunately, I have heard a ton of horror stories about chew toys that may have been made with raw hide or other inferior material that can harm the doggo.

Goofy Tails Butcher Chicken Flavoured Chew Bone Toy

chew toy needs good vetting and I have found that the Butcher bone is great for heavy chewers because it is made from natural wood and high quality nylon which doesn’t splinter even after the best chewing an aggressive dog can do.

It also has different flavours, which are natural, to keep your doggo interested for hours but without gaining any extra calories.

So even though our dogs mean the world to us, it is okay to want some me time. In fact, you dog needs some me time too especially since we all are cooped up inside our homes in the current climate. So go online and get shopping.

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