How to Choose the Perfect Dog Ball Toy: A Guide for Responsible Pet Parents

Dog balls are one of the most sought-after dog toys. However, how does one select the right ball for a dog?

puppy playing with dog ball

While rubber dog balls are the most common and popular, before selecting the right dog balls toy one should consider

  • The age and size of your pet
  • Is your dog a medium chewer or heavy chewer / aggressive chewer
  • Is the make of the dog ball from natural rubber or PVC or some toxic material
  • Your lifestyle? Do you live in an apartment or a farm or a studio?


If you have a large-sized dog or a tough chewer, we would recommend a large ball for dogs. The diameter should be large enough for the dog to hold in his / her mouth and run and fetch the toy. Too small a ball can choke large-sized dogs. 


Also if your dog is a heavy chewer - natural rubber makes and the tough nature of the toy is essential. The dog can crumble into pieces, hence natural rubber makes it safe and non-toxic. Even if your dog bites into the toy, natural rubber small chunks easily go out into poop. A tough nature ensures the large dog ball lasts long and you and your pet have a satisfactory experience. 


For small-sized dogs and puppies, we recommend smaller balls and essentially a squeaker. A squeaker dog toy help entices, engage, and encourage a pet to play. While medium chewers - we recommend all-natural rubber dog balls to ensure your pet is safer with better material, and nontoxic toys.  

Another point to watch out for is the toy should not have any chemical dye or colors. These can cause great damage to your pet's health. Hence Natural rubber is recommended. Some dog balls are made from Thermoplastic rubber but we would highly recommend moving away from such toys.  


So here are the keywords to select a good dog ball

  • Natural rubber 
  • Non-toxic
  • Squeaker or treat dispenser
  • Size and strength in-line with your pet’s age, breed, and chewing traits.

Hope this read helps you select the right dog toy and dog ball for your furry friend. Happy Pet Parenting!

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