5 Awesome benefits of fresh food for Dogs!

5 Awesome benefits of fresh food for Dogs!


If you're planning to switch to fresh dog meals, then here are some of the benefits you can anticipate from a natural, fresh diet like Goofy Fresh.

Help Prevention of diseases 

Fresh Dog Food is rich in immunity-boosting antioxidants and high- quality protein that helps to shield off and help a number of infections. Extensive research found a link in Dogs between lower rates of urinary bladder lymphomas and eating green, lush, and yellow-orange vegetables three times a week.



Numerous commercial canine foods made through the process called extrusion ( maturity of the nutrients are lost in this process), on the other hand, contain super-low-quality ingredients like meals and by- products that are considered not suitable for dog and human consumption. These foods contain a huge quantum of preservatives, chemicals, and artificial constituents that when consumed can cause serious health issues in pets. 


Increases your canine’s life span

In a study it was found that Dogs fed a fresh diet lived for 13.1 years, on average, while those fed marketable canine food reached a normal of 10.5 years. That’s an extra two and a half year span you and your canine could spend together! (source link at the bottom)



In youthful times your canine could be suitable to tolerate the dangerous goods of the chemical- filled marketable food but as your doggy gets aged the tolerance of the body will reduce and the poisons & toxins that were being accumulated in the body for all these times will overpower canine health



Helps manage your canine’s weight

Keeping your canine at a healthy weight is very vital to promote a healthy body and help weight- related conditions.

A well- balanced Fresh food has an advanced concentration of water and nutrients with an acceptable quality quantity of fiber which can make your dog feel full without consuming excessive quantities of calories.


Improves digestive system

A fresh plant based diet contains a good quantity of fiber. Fiber promotes the growth of intestinal microbiota or good bacteria in the gut. Non-fermentable fiber promotes regular bowel movements and regulates fecal thickness. Fiber can help Dogs with digestive issues from constipation to gas to loose stools while promoting their gastro and intestinal health.

Makes your Pooch smarter

Healthy dog food can really enhance cognitive function in doggos. In one study in The Journal of Veterinary Medicine, old, cognitively disabled dogs who were fed an antioxidant- amended diet had advanced situations of brain-derived neurotrophic factors, which may decelerate cognitive decline.


 Plant & Chicken based fresh dog food is  naturally rich in antioxidants and the quantity of antioxidants in fresh dog meals are fairly advanced than food made using extrusion (which reduces the exertion of antioxidants due to excess heat).



We at Goofy Fresh use 100 percent plant based and human grade ingredients to power our complete and balanced Fresh & Healthy dog food. Our meals are equipped with natural antioxidants and superfoods, contain

 no nasties like preservatives, dangerous chemicals, by- products, and artificial colors or flavors.

Source : Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association


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