FAQs (Cat Laser Toy)

Q: Cats don't seem very interested.
A: Cats need a period of time to observe and understand new things before they catch up with them. This is the characteristic of cats. In addition, when used in dark environments, the excitement point of the cat will explode instantaneously!

Q: Don't want to use dry batteries, can you use mobile power?
A: Yes, the product supports the connection of USB power supply, which is environmental friendly and cost-saving. 

Q: Which Battery to use and is Included in the box? 
A: The toy supports charging via a USB Cable (Cable comes with boxes) and supports working via AA batteries x 4 (Not included in box).

Q: Why does it automatically shut down after work a period of time.
A: In order to keep your pets interested with this toys, the program of this products's was setted to open 15 minutes every 1.5 hours. It means the toys will works for 15 minutes and shut down automatically, re-open after every 1.5 hours, and so on. When you out of home, it can interact with your cat properly, but not let he lose interested with catching.

Q: Does the toys run in a fixed circle?
A: The toys was setted in variable speed and irreglar path in automatic mode, instead of a regular circle. It runs sometimes fast and sometimes slow, sometimes stop and sometimes go, which can keep the cats fall in love with catching movement. If you want to interact with pets by yourself, just long press the button for 5 seconds to enter the handheld mode.

Q: How to turn it off?
Press the power key when the toys in running mode.
Please note if the toys was on standby mode, press power key will wake it up to running, just press it again.