FAQ-Water Fountain

Q. My pet is not drinking from the fountain

A. Your pet may need a little bit more time to adjust to drinking from a fountain, once they get started, they will love it.

Q. Is the filter the same size for both Cat H2O & Dog H2O?
A. Yes, the filters are the same for all our fountains

Q. Seeing some carbon dust in the fountain
A. The activated carbon may have some carbon dust, this is not harmful to pets. Rinse your bowl and filter pad to remove excess carbon dust. Consider socking the filter pad under water for 2 minutes before use.  

Q. Can the filter be washed in a dishwasher?
A. No, because activated carbon from the filter will adsorb cleaning chemicals and cannot be rinsed off. Just change the filter pad & also DO NOT put the pump in the dishwasher. 

Q. What are the ingredients used in Dental Care tablets?
A. Dental Care tablet contains Glucose Oxidase, an enzyme that is scientifically proven to react with glucose, forming a cleaning agent. It simply helps keep your pet's teeth clean. Ingredients: Water deionized, dental plaster, glucoses oxidase enzyme, potassium sorbate. For pets with allergy or medical condition, consult veterinary before use. 

Q. Water from the pump is weaker than before & with some air bubbles
A. This is a sign of "low water level", fill water to "Max" indicator of the lower bowl. If water is full and flow remains low, check strainer under the pump to remove hair or debris and clean the inside of the pump as well. Refer to Pump cleaning video below. 

To keep your Dog H2O clean and working smoothly, we recommend cleaning the fountain weekly. Maintenance steps can be found in the instruction booklet.
We also recommend to clean the inside of the water pump monthly as excess hair and debris can be caught at the impeller assembly affecting pump performance.