🐾 Custom meals start from Rs 5000 per month 🐾 Cost of meals would depend on ingredients and meal type 🐾 Consultation cost is free, reimbursed on your first meal order

Custom Fresh Food

A special meal for the special one!

How it Works

Step 1

Step 1 Book a Consultation

Book a consultation with a certified nutritionist. The consultation determines if your pet will benefit from a Custom Diet

Step 2

Step 2 Custom Meal Crafted

Our Vet, Nutritionist & Chef come together to craft a Custom Diet Plan only for your pet

Step 3

Step 3 Meal Prep & Doorstep Delivery

Whipped up in our kitchen, every Custom meal is prepared with love and delivered to your doorsteps!

No Customisation is too much or too little, every ingredient, over time, can make a difference to your pets well being!

We can help you with

Puppy or Senior dog/cat food

Allergy management

Digestive Health

Organ Health

Skin & Coat Support

Healthy Lifestyle & More

Meet our Team of Experts

“We are united by a goal to enhance pets diets, one wholesome meal at at time”

Karan Gupta

Pet nutritionist, counsellor, and behaviorist, 14+ years pet industry experience

Dr. Madhurita Gupta

B.V.SC & AH , MS (London), PGDHM (London), Bachelor of Veterinary Med & Surgery, 20+ Years

Rishabh Gupta

Chief Food Formulator Former
5 Star Chef

DR. Yuvraj R Kaginkar

Veterinary Science B.VSc & AH and PhD, 25 years of experience

Genuine transformations using our Custom Diets!

Polina Agarwal

My cats love eating Goofy Tails meals! One of them even oinks every time he smells it. It is highly nutritious and is made of great ingredients. I don’t have to get food from other places anymore!❤

Pet Parent of Kittu: Sanna

Kittu is a picky eater . If he does not like something he takes it out of his bowl before he starts eating . We got a custom diet made based on his preferences of sweet potato , chicken and no peas and beans . We also had extra broth in his meals for his hip and joint issue ❤.

Pet Parent of Max: Anoop

I used to feed home cooked meal until i discovered GoofyTails and realised that my home meals are not balanced with the right ingredients. After switching Max's meal to GoofyTails i have seen significant improvements in his energy levels and even the swelling in his paws has dissappeared (which was due to gut issue/gluten) ❤


My dog absolutely loved the goofy fresh…

My dog absolutely loved the Goofy fresh food! She got super excited and finished her food within 5 minutes, then asked for more (even though she was visibily full). Highly recommend! ❤

Custom Meals are shipped directly to your doorsteps
On a schedule that is convenient to you!

Have a face-to-face conversation with an online nutritionist and get your pets custom meals delivered to your doorsteps

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there is a fees of INR 150 to consult a nutritionist, which would be reimbursed if you place an order for custom meals with us.
Yes, there is a minimum order quantity of INR 4,999, which is equivalent to nearly 8-12 days of food for your pet.
Custom Meals can be both expensive or cheaper than our regular meals, depending on the ingredient inclusion & exclusions in the custom meal plan.
Post call we will give you a Custom meal plan with the list of ingredients. You can then place an order which will be delivered at your doorsteps! Our recipe is not shared with customers as it is our secret sauce & IP and written in a language which only dogs & cats understand!