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    Pet Wipes is a must have for a pet parent. Goofy Tails pet wipes are specially designed with low allergy free fragrance and hypo allergenic properties. Pet wipes are available as regular wipes or shampoo wipes. First time in India  : shampoo wipes help your pet with a dry bath from time to time.The wipes are formulated with an All Natural Formula with high vitamin E. Aloe vera, Oatmeal and Lavender are the key ingredients to our pet wipes. Our wipes come in easy to use canisters.

    Pet wipes are used for

    • cleaning the paws of your pet
    • cleaning the area around eyes, nose and ears
    • shampoo wipes can also be used all over the body for give a dry bath

    Wipe are also helpful in cleaning area around your pet’s living space.

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